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Welcoming Saturn retrograde and the New Moon in Taurus

April has been a busy month for retrogrades, hasn’t it? We started with Jupiter retrograde on April 10, then Pluto retrograde on April 24, and today, Saturn retrograde begins. This retrograde period lasts until September 17, so we’ll be in these themes just before the fall season starts. I recently talked about Jupiter retrograde being

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Creation from confusion: Pisces season gets murky with this week’s Mercury retrograde and New Moon

The first Mercury retrograde of 2019 begins this week, Tuesday, March 5, at 1:19pm EST, in the sign of Pisces. Mercury has already been in Pisces since February 10. Because of this month’s retrograde, Mercury will stay in this sign until April 17. Typically, Mercury only spends a couple weeks in each sign. To have

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