Tarot Gateways:

A mini course in the three-card method. Build your tarot reading confidence with this self-paced experience.

Have you ever asked tarot a question and felt completely stumped by the cards you pulled?

Do you ever pull cards you don’t expect to see in a reading, and feel unsure of what to make of them?

Or do you wish you could confidently answer a range of questions, on the spot, without having to rely on a variety of tarot spreads?

Instead, you could just lay down a few cards and get the reading started from there…no spread required.

Hi. I'm Liz.

I’ve been teaching tarot since 2015, and the cards have been an integral part of my life for much longer.

One of the things that can feel like it blocks your growth as a tarot reader is trying to figure out how to synthesize the cards into one story or interpretation.

Tarot students often find themselves getting stuck on certain cards, or struggle to put their interpretations into the right words.

If that’s something you can relate to, you’re not alone: This is a common crossroads that many tarot readers have passed through before.

One of the things I’ve often heard in my tarot classes is that students want to feel more confident in trusting what they are seeing in the cards themselves.

It’s one thing to memorize card meanings, but it’s another to put your readings in your own words, and build upon tarot’s imagery and symbolism to guide your interpretation.

“How do I integrate the elements of the suits in my readings?”

“How do I trust my intuition without going off in the wrong direction?”

“How do I synthesize the story between the cards, instead of reading one card at a time and sounding clunky as I do?”

These are some of the questions and goals I’ve helped tarot readers overcome. And these are reading techniques that I have had to learn as well on my path to becoming a professional tarot reader.

My experience with tarot has led me to believe that tarot is a visual language that goes much deeper than a standardized set of card meanings. 

When you learn how to literally read the cards based on what they are showing you, your readings come to life in a whole new way...

You can start answering nearly any question a querent throws at you.

Your confidence as a reader increases.

And your readings start to become personalized and tailored to each situation.

You’re not repeating someone else’s words from the little white book anymore: You’re developing your own reading style, rooted in the tradition of tarot’s artwork.

Tarot fluency is what I aim to help people achieve on their paths with tarot.

And that’s what inspired me to create Tarot Gateways, a mini course in the three-card reading method (which is my go-to method for client work).

This is my tarot reading framework that takes you through key steps and processes to help you build your tarot fluency, hold space for your querents, and break past self-doubt as a tarot reader.

You will learn how to:


  • Look at more than just the card meanings when reading tarot;
  • Understand how the imagery of a card informs your interpretation;
  • Make sense of your tarot reading even when the cards you pull are not immediately straightforward;
  • Pay attention to the visual patterns in your cards so that you can synthesize your readings; and
  • Use the 3-card method (or no-spread-spread) to answer a range of questions.

What's included in the course?

Tarot Gateways is comprised of six video lessons, with a run-time of just under three hours. You can do the lessons at your own pace.

There are assignments at the end of each lesson to help you integrate what you are learning in the course.

This class uses the Rider Waite Smith deck for each lesson, as this deck provides clear imagery that works well with the techniques shown. You can adapt the techniques you learn here towards similar decks.

Topics covered include:

  • Questions and context: Understanding how every card fits into your readings;
  • Working with tarot’s elements to build your interpretation;
  • Seeing the patterns of energy in a reading to make sense of a situation;
  • Putting your readings into clear, concise language that is relatable and relevant to your question, and to your querents;
  • How to see the bigger story between your cards; and
  • How to confidently work with different types of questions, including advice and predictions.

This mini course is designed to help you ground your approach in tarot’s imagery. You will learn how to build your interpretations from the roots of each tarot card you pull.

Who is this course for? 

Tarot Gateways is ideal for you if…

  • You wish you could just lay a few tarot cards on the table and read them as they are;
  • You are interested in working with the Rider Waite Smith (or similar decks) but want a modern, practical alternative to tarot that doesn’t require you to learn astrology or Kabbalah;
  • You are interested in using tarot as a language and want to level-up your skills as a card reader;
  • You want to be able to read for others with ease, accuracy, and fluency;
  • You can’t commit to a longer tarot course right now;
  • You are interested in learning the thee-card method or no-spread spreads.
  • You want to accelerate your tarot skills with a focus on a practical, querent-centric approach that you can use in the real-world.

If you want to build your confidence as a tarot reader and learn how to actually see what the cards are showing you, rather than winging it on memorization or intuition alone, I invite you into Tarot Gateways.

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"I love Liz's approach to tarot. She easily helps you develop key points in the language to tarot that helps you interpret your spread. Even if you're picking up a tarot deck for the first time, she gives you confidence to read. "

Shawn Hollenbach