Tarot Masterclass: Work and Relationship Readings

There are two key areas of life every tarot reader needs to be able to read on:  

Work and relationships. 

If you're ready to nail these two topics of conversation and step up your game as a card slinger, step right this way... 

Imagine this:

You’re about to begin a tarot reading. Your querent is sitting across from you, eager and excited to hear what you have to say.

You invite them to ask a question. This is usually the moment when your heart would start to beat a little bit faster. This is when your doubts usually start to creep in:

“What if they ask something I can’t answer?”
“What if I can’t tell them what they want to hear?”
“What if I turn over my cards and my mind goes blank?”

Except this time is different: You’re heading into this reading with confidence and a calm, clear head.

Because you’re the kind of tarot reader who’s ready for anything. There’s no question too big or too small that you can’t figure out.

If this is the kind of tarot session you envision for yourself, you’re in the right place.


My name is Liz Worth.

And I believe that every tarot reader can achieve the clarity and confidence they desire in their readings.

I work with tarot readers who are driven to become better and better all the time, and I help them get to new levels with their card reading skills.

As a professional tarot reader myself, I know that it’s not always easy to read cards – especially when you have clients throwing all kinds of questions at you.  

Questions that you might not want to answer. Or questions that you don’t feel are right for the type of work you want to do.

I know what it’s like to walk away from a session and wonder:

“Did I really help that person?”

“Could I have taken that reading deeper?”

“Were my answers too vague?”

I also know how much it hurts to question your tarot readings.

The truth is, us tarot readers can be really hard on ourselves sometimes. But it’s that drive to want to improve that also helps us to find new insights in our cards and improve our craft.

That’s why I created this masterclass series

There are two key areas of life every tarot reader needs to be able to read on:  

Work and relationships.

These are the two most popular questions that clients ask.

If you read for the general public, or have ambitions to, then these are the categories that will become the bread and butter of your tarot practice.

Nail these two areas of conversation and you will step up your game as a card slinger.


If your heart sinks when you hear questions like, “When will I meet my soulmate?” Or, “What is my true purpose in life?” you are in the right place.

The truth is, I don’t believe tarot can or should answer every single question out there.

That’s right: It’s not your fault that some questions seem impossible to answer.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what tarot can do – and just as many assumptions about soul mates, love, marriage, success and career paths.

In this masterclass series, I will teach you how to read tarot specifically in relation to questions about love and career matters – as well as help you help others.

When I ask my clients what they want from a tarot reading, the Number One is clarity. I bet you want the same for your clients: To help them feel confident, empowered, and ready to take an important step towards the lives they want to be living.

That's in this Masterclass, you will learn how to:

  • Re-frame questions that can’t be answered;
  • Develop a practical, common sense framework to help keep your readings grounded and down-to-earth;
  • Navigate difficult client expectations, and
  • Learn how to give helpful, meaningful tarot readings about two of the most important areas of people’s lives:

    Work and relationships.

Masterclass Details:

What, Where, When and How Much?

If you freeze when you get questions like, “How can I find love this year?” or worry that you’re giving people bad advice when they ask, “What’s my next career move?” this masterclass series is for you. 

You will learn:

  • Ethical considerations in relationship readings;
  • How to pose effective relationship questions – and when to reframe them;
  • How to “see” love and relationships in your tarot cards;
  • How tarot’s elements impact relationship readings;
  • Why work is such a big focus in tarot;
  • How to pose effective career questions – and when to reframe them;
  • How to “see” work in your tarot cards through imagery and elements;
  • Some simple three-card spreads to use for work readings.
  • And more.

PRICE: $225 (USD and CAD)

"I feel better equipped now with this extra knowledge and these new perspectives. I feel that my readings will be more structured and controlled."


What's In Each Module?

Here's what we'll cover in the masterclass:

Module 1: Handling clients’ high expectations for their love readings

You don’t have to be a relationship expert to read tarot. But you do have to know how to handle questions like, “Is the person I’m with The One?” Learn how and when to reframe challenging relationship questions, and how to develop your framework for handling love-related questions. Especially when you’re feeling pressure from a client to tell you what they want to hear.

Module 2: How to predict if love, commitment, and desire is in the cards

If you’ve ever tried to answer a love-related question in tarot and felt confused or unsure about what you’re seeing, this lesson helps clear things up. I’ll walk you through examples based on relationship readings I’ve done with clients and show you the exact techniques I use to give clear, definitive answers to my love-seeking clients.

Module 3: How the elements, Major and Minor Arcana play a role in relationship readings

If you’ve ever wondered how to get specific about the energy of someone’s relationship, the feelings beneath it, or needed to get a sense of whether there is even a connection at all…this module show you how. Learn how the elements and suits can be doorways into people’s relationship status.

Bonus Module: Tutorial – Relationship Tarot Spread

This quick, clear video tutorial takes you through my Number One go-to spread for relationship readings.

Module 4: Handling the responsibility of someone’s livelihood

Career questions cannot be taken lightly. Your clients’ security, ambitions, and livelihood are literally on the table here. Learn how to support your clients’ career questions from a grounded, practical, ethical place. We’ll talk about when and how to reframe career questions, and how to build your personal approach to handling work-related readings.

Module 5: How to predict career paths and job outcomes

Learn how to see if success is in the cards for your clients. Clients ask all kinds of questions about work: They want to know if they’re be promoted, be fulfilled, do well on an interview, make a good impression, and be successful. These answers can all be found in your tarot deck. In this module, you’ll learn how to see them.

Module 6: Determining career paths

A lot of people come to tarot readers to ask, “What’s my purpose in life? What should I be doing? What kind of career is right for me? What should I do with my life?” You want to empower your clients to find a calling and make their own decisions as they seek out a career path. This module will show you how. PLUS: You’ll learn my go-to career spreads to answer career questions quickly and effectively.

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Policies + FAQs

To help you decide if this tarot masterclass if for you:

You will need:

Nothing! Just yourself and a pen and paper if you want to take notes. But…

It may be important to know that the presentations here do use the Rider Waite Smith deck in sample readings. Some of the techniques here work best for decks that depict people in their imagery.

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"I continue to study with Liz because I get results and continually feel progress with her material and from her methods of teaching. She is the real deal!"