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Ready to immerse yourself in the language of tarot and build your skills as a card reader?  Tarot Study Hall is a place to practice, learn, and celebrate the language of tarot - together.

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Do you...

  • Have a deep passion for tarot, but often feel alone and isolated in your study and practice?

  • Do you ever get stuck on an interpretation and wish you had someone to talk to about it?

  • Are you looking to grow your tarot skills to be able to read for others with ease, accuracy, and fluency?

  • Have some knowledge of tarot already, but wish you had a mentor who could teach you how to apply what you’ve learned so far?

  • Want to accelerate your tarot skills through hands-on practice and ongoing support, with a focus on practical development rather than esoteric fluff?

Tarot Study Hall is for tarot readers who are ready to deepen their commitment to tarot, give expert-level readings, and become powerful guides for themselves and their communities.

Imagine how you’ll expand as a tarot reader when:

  • You’re no longer learning tarot in isolation, or wasting time going down internet rabbit holes or drama-filled Facebook groups in search of the answers you seek. In Tarot Study Hall, you have the opportunity to ask questions, share and discuss your tarot readings, and get trusted guidance from an exclusive community dedicated to the art of tarot.
  • You're no longer letting guidebooks do the talking for you. When you stop letting someone else's tarot definitions override your own intuition is when you start to build a whole new relationship with tarot.
  • You start moving past the self-doubt that keeps so many tarot readers stuck in the beginner stages. Get validation, clarity, and suggestions about your tarot readings to help take your interpretations in the right direction.
  • You’re not the only tarot reader in the room anymore. So many of us struggle to network and find other tarot readers who can relate to the excitement we have for tarot. What would it be like to have dedicated time, month after month, to discuss and explore tarot concepts, techniques, and ideas with tarot readers of all levels?
  • You have the opportunity to be nurtured and mentored in a community that is dedicated to the art and language of tarot. 
Tarot Study Hall is a safe space where you can practice, make mistakes, ask honest, open questions about tarot and – best of all – grow as a tarot reader.

What is Tarot Study Hall?

Tarot Study Hall is an exclusive online community for tarot readers who are committed to building their skills through learning, practice, and community mentorship.

Tarot Study Hall is not another online course: It’s an ongoing immersion into the art of tarot reading.

As a member, you get access to monthly Q&A calls, live practice sessions, prompts, and more, all designed to give you the hands-on experience you need to start trusting yourself as a tarot reader.

On top of our group calls and practices, you will also be treated to ongoing workshops, talks, and lectures on a range of topics that will help you expand as a tarot reader in all kinds of ways.

Once you step through the (virtual) doors of Tarot Study Hall, you begin a whole new chapter in your tarot journey.

What do you get when you join?

Your membership in Tarot Study Hall includes:

  • Two monthly Tarot Tune-Up calls. This is your opportunity to build your confidence as a tarot through hands-on tarot practice, Q&A, and open discussion so that you can start trusting yourself more as a tarot reader, overcome self-doubt, and move past intuitive obstacles . (Calls are recorded if you can’t make it live.)
  • My exclusive Tarot Reading Framework, which takes you through key steps and processes to help you build your tarot fluency, hold space for your querents, and get key techniques that will help you see the messages in your cards with more clarity and ease.
  • Workshops and guest trainings exclusive to the Tarot Study Hall community to help you build a solid skill set as a tarot reader.
  • Tarot prompts, challenges, and more so that you can sharpen your skills as a tarot reader, see tarot in new ways, and consistently push yourself towards becoming a powerful tarot practitioner.

And, as a bonus, you'll also get the Reading Tarot for Others Masterclass.

Tarot readers have a lot of responsibility to hold space for their querents’ hopes, dreams, and heartaches.

And we are in service to people from all walks of life who often bring questions and contexts that can be outside of our own personal experiences.

Which is why I'm including as part of the Tarot Study Hall library. Reading Tarot for Others, a masterclass to help you develop strategies to offer supportive, non-judgmental experiences as a tarot reader.

Tarot Study Hall is opening its doors for the first time, which means if you enroll now, you’ll be one of its founding members. What does that mean?

Being a founding member means you are joining the beta launch of this membership. It’s an all new experience that will grow over time, and you will have the opportunity to shape the future of Tarot Study Hall for years to come.

Founding members who get in on the ground floor will join at a discounted rate, even as the membership grows and new materials are added in the months to come. You will keep that rate as long as you remain a member in good standing.

"If you want to build a solid tarot foundation, then Liz is the teacher for you. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or have some experience under your belt and want to take things to the next level, Liz’s courses will push you to deepen your practice and to develop a tarot vocabulary that extends beyond keywords and traditional card meanings. Her grounded, practical approach to card reading holds a very special magic!"

Emily Bernstein
Hi. I’m Liz Worth.

I’m a tarot reader and author who has had the privilege and honour of teaching tarot to over 500 students and counting.

I teach tarot from a practical, querent-centric perspective. My teachings are rooted in my real-world experiences as a professional tarot reader, and I aim to help other readers speak the language of tarot from an accessible, compassionate, helpful place.

But I didn’t get here overnight. I was once in your exact shoes, wanting very much to be able to read tarot effortlessly – as though it was second nature – but often feeling stumped (and sometimes scared) of what I was seeing in my readings.

With time, practice, and dedication, you can and will improve as a tarot reader. I fully believe that.

In fact, “practice, practice, practice” is one of the biggest pieces of advice I give students who enter my classes.

But over the last few years, one of the biggest pieces of feedback I’ve received on this is, “I want to practice, but I don’t have anyone to practice with.”

The world is full of passionate, enthusiastic tarot readers who are dedicated to learning and improving their skills.

Yet so many of us learn tarot in isolation, craving mentorship and a space to validate our interpretations, ask questions, and grow our skills beyond guidebooks and YouTube tutorials.

Tarot Study Hall offers tarot readers like you the support, mentorship, and opportunities you need to practice your skills and build your tarot vocabulary in new and exciting ways.

The doors to Tarot Study Hall are now OPEN!

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"Simply put, Liz is a great teacher. As a beginner to tarot, I was looking for someone who could skillfully introduce me to all the tarot has to offer and Liz did, and continues to do that with ease, warmth and understanding."

South Wales

Got questions about Tarot Study Hall? We've got answers!

Coming in with an open mind and a willingness to learn – even if I’m showing you something that might be new to you – can take you a long way here.

There will be frameworks, workshops, and talks provided monthly in Tarot Study Hall that will be useful to all levels of tarot readers – even if you’re new to my style of reading and teaching.

But there might be something that are important for you to know before we work together, to make sure we’re a good fit:

Every tarot reader has a specific style in which they work, and I’m no exception.

There are some things I don’t teach in tarot – such as astrological and hermetic correspondences, and numerological approaches.

If you’re hoping to learn about the Golden Dawn system of tarot or how to decode Crowley’s Thoth deck, you’ll probably be better served by other communities.

I am a visual card reader and teach with an emphasis on using tarot as a visual language, rather than reading by repeating meanings you’ve memorized or “feeling out” a reading intuitively.

I also focus on teaching you how to read tarot for other people. What I teach aims to be useful, practical, and advice-oriented – with a lesser emphasis on occult or esoteric applications in tarot.

If you’re interested in honing your tarot skills so that you can answer everyday questions, hold space appropriately, and develop towards professional tarot reading, I’d love to meet you in Tarot Study Hall.

Tarot Study Hall is open to any skill level. If you’re looking for more mentorship, community, and connection to help you expand your tarot skills, and you crave structured practice to improve as a reader, Tarot Study Hall is for you.

All sales are final. Memberships are not pro-rated, meaning that if you leave partway through the month or year, you will not receive a partial refund for the remaining time.

Tarot Study Hall is a great next step for you to take if you already have experience with my courses.

Tarot Study Hall is different from an online course because it’s an ongoing membership experience. Whereas my courses are self-study programs where you’re working on your own, Tarot Study Hall is a mentorship and community experience.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask me anything in our monthly Tarot Tune-Up calls. We’ll also workshop tarot readings as a group, practice together, and exchange ideas, questions, and thoughts about all things tarot.

Tarot Study Hall will also offer special workshops that teach material I haven’t taught anywhere else before.

It’s an evolving library of tarot resources, talks, and mentorship that I’m not able to offer in my self-study programs.

You can make this experience whatever you need it to be.

As a general suggestion, I recommend setting aside 2-4 hours a month for Tarot Study Hall. If you’re already spending time studying tarot, then this membership can be something that fits into your exist practice time.

There is no email support available for Tarot Study Hall, but there will be a lot of opportunities for you to have your questions answered by myself, or through others in the community.

Not at all! You will be notified about a month before your membership is up for renewal and can choose to renew or cancel at that time. 

No. If you cancel your membership and then return at a later date, you will re-subscribe at the current price.

Don't see your question here? Email us at [email protected] and we'll get you sorted out.

The doors to Tarot Study Hall are now OPEN!

Become a founding member and enjoy this introductory rate:



This is the lowest price Tarot Study Hall will ever be. Join now to lock in this founding member discount.

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Get two months free when you purchase an annual membership.

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