The 3 Ingredients of a Life-Changing Tarot Reading

Last week, I was asked why I decided to make a career as a tarot reader.

It has been a while since anyone asked me this, but my answer is still the same as when I got started in tarot:

I do this work to help other people.

And I’m sure you do, too.

It’s one of the most common reasons that I hear from other tarot readers – no matter what stage of their practice they’re at. Whether you’ve been using tarot for two years or 20, being of service tends to be a common thread that unites us.

We feel called to be tarot readers because we know that tarot works. There is something that happens between you and the cards when you lay them down.

Over the years, I’ve seen what tarot can do for people: I’ve had clients who’ve made huge life changes, grown more confident, and gotten clearer about who they are and where they’re going.

The power of tarot is that it helps people to see what is possible. It takes them out of a place of feeling stuck, lost, or confused and shows them a new angle that they couldn’t see before.

But how?

These are some of the main components I believe make for life-changing tarot readings:

First: Look for the root of an issue. We don’t always know how, when, or why a problem started. If a querent is willing to go deep and address something at its core, use your cards to explore the origins of their pain points.

Second: Look at what is possible. No one comes to a tarot reading to hear about all the things that are wrong in their lives. They want to come out feeling like change is possible. Address the issue at hand, but make sure to then move the conversation towards next steps or solutions.

Third: Offer a takeaway. A piece of clear advice, an action step, a ritual, or some kind of homework is a great way to set a reading into motion.

Querents aren’t always sure what to do with the information they receive from a reading. A reading might make sense in the moment, but we aren’t always sure what to do with all that information afterwards.  

Tailoring a reading to follow my three tips listed above can help you turn your tarot readings into life-changing experiences.

If you want to learn how to get deep with your tarot readings – I’m talking about going beyond the usual love and career questions – and delivering transformative, spiritual advice that genuinely impacts other people, I’d love to see you in my Tarot for Self-Recovery program.

This course is specifically designed for tarot readers who want to focus their tarot practice on helping and healing others through tarot, ritual, and more. Registration is open now.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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