Welcoming Saturn retrograde and the New Moon in Taurus

The Chariot Cosmic TarotApril has been a busy month for retrogrades, hasn’t it?

We started with Jupiter retrograde on April 10, then Pluto retrograde on April 24, and today, Saturn retrograde begins.

This retrograde period lasts until September 17, so we’ll be in these themes just before the fall season starts.

I recently talked about Jupiter retrograde being a time to review opportunities and potentially welcome second chances or second starts. Saturn retrograde travels back over familiar territory to help us see the cracks in the foundations we’re currently building.

Saturn is in Capricorn until December 2020, highlighting themes of ambition, work ethic, processes, and structures in our lives. If you know your natal chart, then the area ruled by Capricorn is where you are being asked to do the work right now.

Overall, Capricorn rules tenth-house themes: Career, our public life, the things we give to the world.

This Saturn retrograde will be passing back over the same part of the sky that it’s been travelling through since mid-January.

Between now and September, it might not hurt to review any improvements you’ve been trying to make to solidify your own foundation and check in on your progress there.

The thing to remember with Saturn is that it rewards hard work – and also teaches that the true payoff is what you learn through the process of it all.

Where Saturn retrograde can feel like a pain in the butt is if you’re cutting corners. This planet doesn’t like short cuts and has a way of tapping you on the shoulder and asking, “Why haven’t you dealt with this yet?”

Saturn also rules time, and when it’s retrograde we may need to look at things that we’ve been neglecting or putting off. We might suddenly feel pressured that we are running out of time to get something done, or find ourselves asking, “If not now, when?”

Similar to the image in the Chariot, Saturn asks you to get moving on things.

When we look at the Chariot, we assume is off to a major destination. But what if, in retrograde season, the Chariot takes on a new meaning?

What if the Chariot driver has realized he’s forgotten something important at home and is on his way back to get it?

Retrograde season is a chance to rectify any mistakes from the past, helping us realize we’ve left a big hole in our plans, schedules, or lives.

Saturn’s energy can point fingers at the areas of our lives that can no longer be neglected. Let the universe show you what it’s really time to be focusing on so that you’re not chasing the wrong things.

On Saturday, May 4, we welcome the Taurus New Moon at 6:45pm EST. This New Moon is a beautiful time to set intentions around the themes of support and security, and to solidify anything that feels tenuous right now.

If it helps, here is an intention you can work with throughout the week:

“I am focusing on the strength of my foundation.”

And if you would like to work with this New Moon in Taurus and others throughout the year, my New Moon Meditations can help. Shop for them here.

And if you’d like to connect with this weekend’s New Moon, here is a tarot spread to help:

1. How can I create more security for myself?
2. How can I feel more supported on my path?
3. How can I feel more connected to my whole self?
4. How can I generate more health, wealth, and happiness moving forward?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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