Welcoming the Full Moon in Virgo

King of CrystalsSometimes, Pisces season feels like an ocean to me. I catch myself lost in waves of euphoria and worry, buoyed up and down by many moods day in, day out.

I find that Pisces’ influence can be one of the most intense. Of course, it will always depend on where you are at.

Sometimes, people ask me why they don’t feel astrological influences that others seem to pick up on. But you won’t feel everything. If you did, it would be overwhelming.

We can only ride certain waves at any given time, and astrology can be a very subtle, subconscious energy at times.

If you are feeling swept up in the Pisces current right now, take heart: the Virgo Full Moon arrives this Thursday, March 1. This is clarifying, grounding energy. It will help you to plant your feet firmly on the earth if that’s what you need at this time.

Virgo is exacting, organized, and efficient. Ruled by Mercury, it likes to think things through and find the best, most practical way forward.

As Pisces’ influence might be asking you to open up spiritually, emotionally, or intuitively, this Virgo Full Moon can help pull you back into some other priorities that you might be struggling to hold onto at this time.

Spiritual growth is necessary, but it can has a way of taking over sometimes. We always have to make sure that any spiritual awakenings we are experiencing aren’t creating chaos in other areas of our lives.

Virgo also helps with areas of self-care, health, and wellness. In the emotionally-charged Pisces season, our physical selves can sometimes be forgotten. Pisces isn’t comfortable with the physical form. Its soul feels confined within the body.

And so sometimes, Pisces energy must be reminded that the body matters, too. That sleep, rest, and relaxation are important parts of the spiritual journey. That intuition and connection can become greater when we feel rested and taken care of.

And so this Virgo Full Moon asks you to take a moment to reconnect with your soul’s home.

What is your body asking for right now?

What have you been confused about lately?

What would you like to be clearer about?

These are a few thoughts that the Virgo Full Moon may offer this week.

As I was pulling a card for this message, the King of Crystals (or Pentacles) popped out when I was shuffling my deck, mirroring Virgo’s earth energy perfectly.

The King of Crystals encourages growth of all kinds, but reminds you to take it slow. This card knows that everything grows at its own pace, including the spirit. There is no need to rush, especially if that hurry may come at a price.

“You can have it all,” this King says. “Just not all at once.”

Here’s a mantra you can work with for the days ahead:

“My body will carry me through any confusion.”

And if you’d like to connect with this week’s Full Moon, here is a tarot spread to try:

1. What does my body need right now?
2. How can I align my body and spirit?
3. What does my body do for me?
4. How can I stay grounded now?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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