What happens when a spiritual practice isn’t right for you?

When it comes to spirituality, you don’t have to do it all.

Yet in this day and age, with so much exposure to different modalities and spiritual paths, it’s easy to get inspired by every new concept you come across.

I see people fall into this trap all the time.

Maybe this is something you’re dealing with right now:

You start working with a tool like tarot and before you know it, you’re feeling pressured to learn so much more.

You see tarot readers talking about lunar cycles, numerology, astrology, or spellwork.

You see astrologers talking about chakras or yoga.

You see energy healers talking about crystals and Reiki and pulling oracle cards on their Instagram live everyday.

And suddenly you start to wonder: “Am I not doing enough? Do I need to be learning about Mercury retrograde and goddesses and meditation, too?”

The truth is, all you need to do is focus on one thing at a time.

And if you only ever decide to commit to one spiritual tool, that is absolutely fine, too.

Yes, I have a multi-faceted spiritual life and practice. But it is the product of a life-long search for spiritual connection. I didn’t start learning everything at once.

I also have tools I use publicly, as part of my work, which are tarot and astrology.

I also practices that are mine and that stay personal. Like runes, and solitary ritual work.

I follow the Wheel of the Year and work with specific deities, though I rarely talk about them. I don’t post pictures of my altar online or update much about my private spiritual life because those are things that are just for me.

I mention this because social media creates a performative aspect to spirituality that can send out the wrong impressions sometimes.

There can be work happening behind the scenes for someone that you’re never aware of.

And there can also be practices that are talked about publicly that may look interesting, but are not necessarily right for you, right now.

To see a tarot reader also talk about chakras or lunar cycles might make it seem like you have to engage in these practices if you’re into tarot, too.

But you don’t.

Especially if it feels forced or unnatural, or if it just leads you to learning more practices than you have time or energy for.

Not every practice is going to call to you. And it is not mandatory to integrate multiple practices, or to give one thing up for another.

And not every practice is going to work for you, either. The universe speaks to each of us in unique ways, and the way it works through you might be through tools that are very different from what someone else uses.

And that’s okay. Because at the end of the day, we can all connect to the same energies, but we may take different vehicles to get there.

So if you’re feeling pressured to learn it all and do it all, I hope it helps to hear this:

Go with what calls to you. Be it tarot, crystals, astrology, God, Goddess, or something else altogether.

But don’t feel pressured for your spiritual practices or path to look or feel exactly like someone else’s.

You don’t even need to learn any of these things if you don’t want to.

There may be very specific plans the universe has for you, and the only way to tap into those plans is to trust in what you’re drawn to, and give yourself permission to turn away from what you’re not.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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