Tarot Workshop Bundle

Still want to learn tarot, but you’re not ready for Tarot Foundations?

The Tarot Workshop Bundle offers a solid collection of tarot lessons you can grow from.

The Tarot Workshop Bundle is a great way to take a step further into the practice and study of tarot, without the longer term commitment of a full-length course.

So what will you get when you enroll?

Workshop #1: Tarot 101

The essential building blocks of your tarot practice start here.

Ready to learn the building blocks of tarot reading?
This comprehensive, self-paced workshop contains everything a new tarot reader needs to know, and will give you enough to go on to start doing practice readings on your own.

Learning tarot can be overwhelming, and isolating. If it seems like there’s a lot to learn, well, there is! But don’t worry: This beginner workshop will show you what to focus on first.

Learn how to connect with tarot’s images in simple but powerful ways. I’ll give you the building blocks every beginner needs to start reading tarot cards, including:

  • What tarot is for and how you can use it;
  • A brief history of tarot;
  • An introduction to the Major and Minor Arcana;
  • An overview of tarot’s elements;
  • An introduction to the Court Cards;
  • Tips to help you connect with your tarot deck and pull each aspect of the cards together in a reading.

Workshop #2: Court Cards Crash Course

Take an immersive dive into some of tarot's trickiest cards.

The Court Cards tend to keep a lot of tarot readers stuck. Even experienced readers feel blocked by these cards sometimes!

Which is why it’s so important to build your skills with the Court Cards on an immersive level. Because once you click with the courts, you’ll fall in love with them – I promise.

The Court Cards Crash Course is your opportunity to build upon what you learn in the Tarot 101 class.

This will give you an advantage in your tarot studies, as we’ll spend time learning about each court card, and how to synthesize their meanings in your readings. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What the court cards really represent;
  • How to connect to the energies of all 16 court cards;
  • How to begin working with these cards;
  • How to determine what these cards mean for you.

Workshop #3: How to Read Tarot for Yourself

Strengthen your tarot skills through personal readings.

Do you ever wonder if you’re just seeing what you want to see in your tarot readings?

Reading for yourself is one of the best ways to practice tarot, but it’s not an easy thing to do. This class will help you move past blocks and barriers to read for yourself more effectively.

Whether you're new to tarot, or you've been working with the cards for years, reading for yourself can be a challenge. This class can change that. You'll learn how to:

  • Read for yourself as though you were reading for a friend;
  • Connect to your intuition, and strengthen it;
  • Avoid common mistakes that can get in the way of giving yourself a great tarot reading;
  • Cut through any confusion or uncertainty when reading for yourself.

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  • Tarot 101
  • Court Cards Crash Course
  • How to Read Tarot for Yourself 
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  • Tarot 101
  • Court Cards Crash Course
  • How to Read Tarot for Yourself
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"If you want to build a solid tarot foundation, then Liz is the teacher for you. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or have some experience under your belt and want to take things to the next level, Liz’s courses will push you to deepen your practice and to develop a tarot vocabulary that extends beyond keywords and traditional card meanings. Her grounded, practical approach to card reading holds a very special magic! "

Emily B.