The following is a list of policies for Liz Worth's Tarot School, or lizworth.com: 

All Sales Are Final

There are no refunds for any reason. Please shop mindfully and make sure any purchase you make at lizworth.com is right for you.

Curricula and course outlines are provided for each program. It is your responsibility to review this information and ensure any class or information product you buy is appropriate for your skill, level of ability, and interest. 

If you are purchasing a private reading or mentorship package, there is no refund offered for appointments that have been fulfilled. 

In the instance that a mentorship agreement is dissolved, you will not be charged for remaining appointments. 

Private Tarot Readings 

I am no longer offering appointments on a rolling basis, which means you may not have an opportunity to change, rebook or reschedule an appointment once it is made.

When you purchase a tarot reading, you are buying time. Readings are sold on an occasional basis, as final sale.

Payments for readings do not act as retainers or deposits. They buy you a specific time slot with Liz Worth, and an appointment is not carried over or accrued if you fail to show up for your reading. 

If you are late for an appointment, time will not be added to the end. It is your responsibility to be punctual - you do not deserve a gift of extra time for being late.

Remember: There are no refunds for any reason. If you miss an appointment, you forfeit the payment and will not be offered a rescheduled time. 

Do not make an appointment you cannot keep. 

Terminating client or customer agreements

I reserve the right to terminate any contracts, agreements, or relationships with any clients or customers who do not respect or adhere to any policies.

Reasons for this include but are not limited to: Clients who are chronically late or unreliable; clients who reschedule two or more times in a row; clients who are disrespectful or demanding; clients who violate the terms of use outlined at lizworth.com; and clients who need support that I deem is outside the scope of my work. 

Tech support for digital products 
If you have purchased a digital product such as a workshop, course or meditation collection and need help logging into your account, you can reset your password here: https://lizworth.mykajabi.com/login

Note that these products exist on an external platform, Kajabi, and not on my personal website. Like anything else, there may be occasions when Kajabi's services are down. In that case, circumstances will be outside of my control.

I do not have the staff or resources to provide 24/7 tech support for any products. If you are having an issue not connected to your password or login, and your internet connections are up and running, please be patient and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Gift certificates

I no longer sell gift certificates for readings.
If you would like to gift someone with my work, you might want to purchase one of my self-study workshops or courses on their behalf at https://www.lizworth.com/online-programs 
If you have an old gift certificate you would like to use, note that I have not sold gift certificates since 2019 - you have waited quite a while! I cannot guarantee my availability for readings anymore and reserve the right to set my own schedule, discontinue any services at any time, and retire from any aspect of my work without further notice. 

Follow-up questions for readings and classes

Once a reading is over, it's over. I am not able to answer follow-up questions afterwards. 

If you are in a self-study program, please understand I am not able to give private one-on-one tutoring or mentoring at this time outside of any course, workshop, or lesson.

Last updated: December 17, 2020

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