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Tarot Business Bootcamp

Are you ready to launch your own tarot business, but don't know where to start? 

Or are you struggling to find new clients and have no idea where to focus your time and energy as a tarotpreneur? 

If you're ready to run your business like a boss, step right this way into a comprehensive self-study program designed to give you everything you need to build your tarot business.

Does this sound like you?

You love reading tarot. And you know that a good tarot reading has the potential to change someone’s life. Which is why you’re called to share your gifts as a tarot reader with the world.

You’ve put the time into honing your craft and you know you have what it takes as a tarot reader to build up a loyal client roster.

You want to be of service.

You believe tarot is part of your calling.

You’ve worked your butt off to get to the point where you can call yourself a professional tarot reader.

You know your tarot deck inside and out and you're driven to support people through all of life's ups and downs.
You dream of waking up, checking your email, and seeing new clients booked into your calendar.
The only problem is, you're not sure how. The idea of building a business feels overwhelming. 
There's so much to learn, and so much uncertainty involved. 

You’re not sure where to begin, how to find new clients, or how to make a bigger name for yourself in the tarot world.
When you look at what other tarot readers are doing, they make it seem so easy. Why isn't success happening for you, too?

Trust me when I say that you're not alone.

The truth is, I see a lot of tarot readers start businesses hoping to leave their day jobs behind, but end up grinding and hustling instead.

And it's easy to get distracted and derailed along the way. Maybe you've already tried to build your business by doing things like:

  • Trying to hack or replicate other readers' business models and strategies, only to find they don't work as well for you. No matter how much you try to follow the crowd, something still feels like it’s missing in your own business.
  • Taking on any client you can, even when they're not a good fit because you're desperate to get new money in the door.
  • Constantly turning to Google for advice on how to find new tarot clients, hoping that someone has posted an easy solution;
  • Relying solely on tarot readings to map out your business strategies, but have no solid business plan in place outside of whatever your readings have advised.
  • You’ve set intentions under every new moon, hoping your business will grow. You’ve done countless abundance spells and keep a money drawing candle in your emergency drawer at all times.
  • You’ve checked out other business coaches and programs, but they feel like a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t speak to the specific challenges of running a tarot business. 

I know it's not easy.

After building a full-time tarot business of my own, from the ground up, rest assured that I speak from experience when I say that.

As popular as tarot is, it's still a tough sell for a lot of people. 

You and I understand the value of a tarot reading, but to the average person, tarot is often seen as a cheesy fortune-telling trick.

Even believers aren’t always easily converted into paying clients. There are so many tarot readers out there that it’s hard for clients to decide who to work with.

And savvy clients want to be sure that a reading will be worth their time, money, and energy - they don’t just buy readings from the first diviner they see.

Even loyal tarot clients might only get one or two readings a year, which means you need to have consistent ways to fill your schedule and find new clients on a regular basis.

This is a high-volume business and it takes a lot of work to build a steady client roster. That's where business skills, strategy, and marketing know-how come in.

But standard business advice doesn't always fit with the tarot industry.

You’re selling a unique line of work to a specific customer base.

But that doesn’t mean you can wing it, either, or build a business purely off intuition and tarot readings.

Even though tarot can be an amazing source of advice, divination alone is not a business strategy: To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to use data and logic, too, not just magic and gut-feelings.

That means abundance candles and tarot readings can only take you so far: You need real-world business knowledge if you’re serious about creating a tarot career that works for you.

And even if you try to hack strategies from other tarot businesses, you don’t always see the same results as your peers.

Why? Because there’s more to business than what you see from the outside: There’s a lot that goes into the building blocks and strategy of every business. 

You can’t Google your way to a successful business, and even though there is a lot of great advice online, you need to remember that what works for one tarot business might not work for you.


Because every tarot reader’s goals, needs, and services are different from yours. You need to build a business that aligns with your clients, your dreams, and your future goals.

Which is why Tarot Business Bootcamp was created.

If you’re ready to get serious about building a tarot business with a solid foundation, strategic pricing, and effective marketing, you’re ready for bootcamp.

My name is Liz Worth.

I went all-in on my tarot business in 2015 after getting laid off from my 9-5.

I’d been reading tarot for seven years by then, and was so ready to start my own tarot business. Getting laid off was the kick in the butt I needed to make it happen.

But it wasn’t easy, and it was scary AF sometimes, especially in the first couple of years.

I had deleted my resume and decided that no matter what, I was not going to back to the 9-5 world ever again.

Through a lot of trial and error, ups and downs, and tons of valuable mistakes, I did it: I gradually filled my schedule with awesome clients, tarot parties, and other opportunities I’d dreamed of being able to offer to the world.

I know you’re not building just any business here: You’re building a tarot business, and one that is intensely personal for you.

As tarot readers, we truly put our hearts and souls into the work we do, pouring so much of our energy and personality into our clients and our marketing.

I know what it’s like to want to succeed without feeling like you’re selling out. I understand what it’s like to want to help make a difference in the world while also putting food on the table at home. 

But when it comes to running our businesses, things aren’t always as clear as what we see in the cards.

My goal in Tarot Business Bootcamp is to change that for you. 


What is Tarot Business Bootcamp, and what does it include?

This online program will help you:

  • Learn how to structure your business for success and sustainability so you can avoid burnout.
  • Set yourself up for long-term growth and stop taking on the wrong clients out of desperation
  • Understand how to price your readings strategically. Command the rates that will support your work and attract clients who are happy to pay (because they’ll know your worth it); 
  • Reach your ideal clients with practical, effective marketing strategies; 
  • Set up your website so that it attracts clients who are right for you; 
  • Create newsletters and marketing content that connects with your ideal audience; 
  • Get focused about what you need to be working on in your business so that you can take consistent action that moves you forward; 
  • Shift your mindset from thinking like a tarot reader into thinking like a business owner. 

What all do you get when you sign up?

Check out the full curriculum:

Lesson 1: Structure for Success

We’re going to start from the ground up and make sure you’re working from a secure, firm foundation. You will learn how to structure your business so that it can grow and sustain you in the long-term.

Get rid of energy leaks and limiting beliefs about what you “should” be doing and instead learn how to build the business you want to be working in. 

Lesson 2: Pricing Strategy

Did you know pricing is a strategy? If you didn’t, there’s a mini-business lesson for you - on the house. One of the biggest things professional tarot readers struggle with is knowing what to charge for their readings, and then sticking to those rates with confidence.

In Lesson 2, you will learn how to price your readings for profit and stop playing guessing games with your pricing once and for all.

You will also learn how to shift your money mindset so that you can successfully raise your rates, price future offers, and say no to freebie seekers with confidence. 

Lesson 3: Attract Ideal Clients

Are you putting out social media content and no one’s buying?

Do you ever wonder why people are visiting your website but booking any readings with you? What’s stopping them?

Maybe you feel like you’re not very good at manifesting new clients, or you’re wondering if you’re truly “meant to be” a tarot reader.

I’ve good news for you: It’s not you, it’s your target audience. In this lesson, you will learn how to get crystal-clear about how to speak to your ideal clients so that they can easily say “yes” to hiring you whenever they land on your website. 

Lesson 4: Create a Website that Converts

I’ll let you in on another tip: Your website requires strategy, too.

That’s why when you cobble a website together without a plan, or when you try to imitate other tarot reading businesses, your website doesn’t convert the way you expect it to.

If you’re getting visitors to your site but no one is buying your tarot readings, this lesson will teach you how to put together a website that sells.

And no, you don’t need any fancy gimmicks or high-tech tools to make it happen. 

Lesson 5: Creating Kick-Ass Policies and Boundaries

Before you start revving up your marketing efforts, I want to make the foundation of your business is as strong as possible - which includes having clear, air-tight policies.

Because once you start making money, you want to make sure you can hold onto it. Unexpected refund requests, difficult clients, and demanding customers can all wreak havoc on your time, revenue, and energy.

Which is why we’ll spend a whole lesson developing policies that support your business and serve your ideal clients.

Plus, you’ll receive a heap of mindset training to keep your boundaries strong in your service-based business.

Lesson 6: Build Your Mailing List

Have you heard you should write a newsletter, but you have no idea what to say, or how often to send it?

Do you have neglected mailing list that hasn’t heard from you in months?

Or have you been avoiding newsletters and mailing lists altogether because you have no idea where to begin?

Get ready for your business to start looking a lot different after this lesson:

You’ll learn why your mailing list is one of the greatest assets in your business, and how you can nurture relationships with your clients through a weekly newsletter.

(Plus, I’ll give you a year’s worth of newsletter ideas so you won’t be stuck for things to write about.)

Lesson 7: Get in Front of Bigger Audiences

By the final lesson, you’ll be ready for the fun stuff: Marketing strategies you can implement that will help grow your client base, mailing list, social media following, and reputation.

One of the hardest things to do in a saturated market like tarot is get in front of potential new clients on a regular basis.

By this point, the foundation of your business will be solid enough to support new marketing strategies.

You’ll stop wondering how to build your client base and start taking decisive, strategic action that will help you build your own audience of loyal fans.

When you enroll in Tarot Business Bootcamp, you’ll also receive:

  • A year’s worth of weekly newsletter ideas to help you show up consistently with your mailing list; 
  • Templates to help you write engaging webpages that connect with your ideal clients; 
  • Templates to write your customer service policies and client agreements to help keep your boundaries strong; 
  • Mindset training to help you overcome your inner people-pleaser, imposter complex, pricing guilt; 
  • Tips and templates to help you pitch yourself to podcasts, build a loyal social media following, and regularly add new subscribers to your mailing list…

If you’re ready to step into your role as a confident business owner who’s clear about your priorities, join Tarot Business Bootcamp today.

This self-study program is a place for tarot readers who need a solid kick in the butt when it comes to getting real about money, boundaries, and business savvy.

And for a limited time in can pay what you want for the course.

Seriously. I know times are tough for a lot of us out there, and starting a business isn't always easy (or cheap). The original cost of this course is $597. Today you can choose your price, starting at just $50.


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By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have a strategy for your tarot business that will take you further than any manifestation spell ever could;
  • Have new pricing plans and a website that will help you attract the clients you’re looking for;
  • Have clear, kick-ass policies that will prevent clients from taking advantage of your time or skills;
  • Have a growing mailing list, newsletter, and marketing strategies to stay in front of new audiences;
  • Have more confidence in yourself as a business owner, and clarity in how your work can make a difference in other people's lives.

Tarot Business Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You’re a seasoned tarot reader who is serious about building a tarot business; 
  • You’re ready to think like a business owner - even if it means getting out of your comfort zone sometimes; 
  • You’re ready to work on your business, and commit time each week to building your business; 
  • You’re clear about your tarot reading style and have an idea of the kinds of clients you’d like serve - or you’re ready to gain this kind of clarity in order to build relationships with clients who are the right fit; 
  • You’re well out of the learning stages with tarot and have the chops to be charging for readings; 
  • You want to know how to promote yourself online with a website, social media, mailing list and more, even if you don’t have all of the right tech setup yet.

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You’re not ready to potentially increase your rates for tarot readings or spiritual work;
  • You have strong beliefs that spirituality and money do not mix;
  • You’re still learning how to read tarot cards;
  • You’re looking for tarot lessons or tips about how to interpret your readings, or how to read for other people: 
  • You have little to no experience reading tarot for others. You need to have a strong sense of your skills and abilities as a tarot reader to succeed in this course;
  • You only want to build a business on social media and have no interest in building a website, mailing list, or other marketing strategies; 
  • You don’t have time to work on your business right now: This course gets you taking action with each lesson so that you can implement and build your business every step of the way. You should have at least 2-4 hours or more each week to work on your business (on top of any client work you’re doing); 
  • You’re looking for manifestation hacks, affirmations or visualizations to build your business instead of tangible strategies and tactics.
     This course is purely practical: If you’re not ready to learn how to think, act and execute like a business owner, you will fall behind here…

And for a limited time in can pay what you want for the course.

Seriously. I know times are tough for a lot of us out there, and starting a business isn't always easy (or cheap). The original cost of this course is $597. Today you can choose your price, starting at just $50.


USD minimum required

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Everything changes when you start to treat your business like a business. You get clearer about what you need to be working on each day, and what you don’t.

You start to attract the right kinds of clients.

You gain confidence about promoting your work.

You also feel more confident when you need to assert your boundaries and turn down the wrong opportunities.

You have more excitement, pride and certainty in your business because you’re taking consistent action that is moving you forward.

What would change if:
  • You had a tarot business that you felt confident about;
  • Knew how to attract eager customers who were more than happy to pay your rates;
  • Could take time off from to rest and recharge when you needed it;
  • Felt confident saying no to clients who are just not right for you;
  • Woke up each day feeling like you're living your purpose by being of service.
      All of this is possible when you stop winging it and learn how to build a business strategically.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! This business training will teach you how to be an effective, efficient business owner, whether you’re brand new in your business or several years in.

If you need help structuring and managing your time, pricing your services with confidence, improving client boundaries, and marketing your services to build your client base, this program will help you. 


To succeed in Tarot Business Bootcamp, you should be ready to charge for tarot readings, or already be working with clients.

You should also have some experience reading for other people and have a sense of your style and approach as a tarot reader.

No, this is not a marketing course. We won’t be learning about newsletters, social media, or other promotional tools. What you will learn is how to set up your business appropriately so that when you do start marketing, you’re attracting the right clients at the right price.

Absolutely. This program is suited for professional tarot readers regardless of how many hours they put into their businesses a week. It's suitable for part-time and full-time business models.

This program gives you a foundation to build from so that you’re working in your business on your terms.

This is a self-study program, however I do offer private business coaching if you are interested:

Everything shared in Tarot Business Bootcamp is based off proven strategies that I know work, because I’ve used them in my own business. While I strongly believe in the lessons shared here, I’m not one to make unrealistic promises of overnight success.

Everyone’s business is different and your business will be unique to you, your goals, and your capacity as a tarot reader, which is why I can’t promise specific numbers or outcomes.

It also takes time to build a business: No one program, strategy, or piece of advice will make it all click together, but I believe that if you commit to acting on each lesson I teach here, you will learn a lot. Consistent effort adds up, and what you learn here will be information that you can continue to use and implement for the long-term.

If you’re still learning tarot and don’t have any experience with paid clients yet, I would recommend you continue to study and practice first. This program speaks to professional readers who have experience with paid clients already, and who have already been working in their businesses. If you’re looking for other programs that can help you develop and accelerate your tarot skills, I’d love to see you in one of my other classes.

And for a limited time in can pay what you want for the course.

Seriously. I know times are tough for a lot of us out there, and starting a business isn't always easy (or cheap). The original cost of this course is $597. Today you can choose your price, starting at just $50.


USD minimum required

Buy Now