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July Masterclass: Reading Tarot for Others

If you’ve dreamed of reading tarot for others, but you want to make sure you’re coming from an ethical, grounded place first…

If you’re called to be of service as a tarot reader, and are ready to develop some new tools to deliver readings that feel open, honest, and safe for your querents…

And you are ready to become the kind of tarot reader who others look to as a guide and leader, this class is for you.

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Full-Length Tarot Courses

Choose your level of learning:

The Tarot Foundations program is one of the most comprehensive beginner tarot trainings available. This tarot course will actually show you how to read tarot cards.

Taking Tarot to the Next Level is my signature tarot program designed for tarot readers who have outgrown the beginner stages and are ready to deepen their practice.

Explore deep, meaningful topics such as personal power, the soul's journey, ancestral healing, and more through tarot. Learn how to take yourself and others on a spiritual journey.

Tarot Accelerator Bundle:

Want to sign up for all of these courses at once?

You can save a few bucks when you do, and make a deep commitment to learning tarot from the ground up. Learn more about the Tarot Accelerator Bundle here.

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"Simply put, Liz is a great teacher. As a beginner to tarot I was looking for someone who could skilfully introduce me to all the tarot has to offer and Liz did, and continues to do that with ease, warmth and understanding. Additionally, I learnt to reach into the cards and into myself and really cannot recommend Liz enough! "

South Wales

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