Do you love tarot, but feel stuck sometimes?

I know what it’s it like to struggle with tarot. One moment it seems to click, and the next it doesn’t.

 Which is why I’m so glad you found me.

Hi. I’m Liz Worth. I help people learn how to read tarot with clarity, confidence, and accuracy. 


I like to say that I teach you how to read tarot "from start to finish."

What do I mean by that?

I show tarot readers how to see the story in the cards, elevate your tarot skills, and get through your readings without having to stop to look up meanings in a book.

Whether you’re a tarot newbie, long-term dabbler, or seasoned reader, tarot can feel overwhelming and frustrating.

No matter what stage of your tarot journey you’re on, I can help you take your skills to the next level – even if you’re a total newbie with big dreams of going pro.

Why is tarot so hard to learn, anyway?

Type “tarot” into Google and you suddenly have more information than you know what to do with.

So you step away from the computer for a second and turn to your bookshelf. 

You’ve got a few trusty guidebooks, but they all tell you different things. If only you could remember what all the cards mean, you wouldn’t need to look at these books anymore.

Except the more you read about tarot, the more contradictions you come across about. Some people say this tarot card means XYZ, while others say it means ABC.

Which just makes you more confused – so every time you do a tarot reading, you hope your intuition will sort it out.

Except it hasn’t – yet.

I get it.

I used to think the path to becoming a great tarot reader was going to be found in the pages of a guidebook, too. 

And if it wasn’t, I expected my intuition to magically step in and give me all the answers I was looking for.

I fell into the traps of the two major misconceptions about tarot – and maybe you have, too. Those misconceptions are:

1. That tarot reading is purely about going off your intuition.

2. That tarot reading just takes memory work, and if you can remember what all 78 cards mean, you’ll be good to go. 

The problems with those beliefs is they can end up blocking you as a tarot reader.

First, let's tackle the assumption that tarot is only about intuition. What's the issue there? Well,  developing and listening to your intuition takes a lot of time and practice.

It's easy to say, "Listen to your intuition." It's another to figure out how to actually do that.

Intuition isn’t always about getting a psychic hit or gut feeling - sometimes it’s a lot more subtle than that. 

It takes work to discern whether it’s your intuition kicking in, or just a passing thought. With tarot reading, it can be way too easy to see what you want to see in the cards.

I teach tarot readers how to truly see what the cards are telling them, so that they can get out of their heads and into tarot’s messages a lot faster. 

Now, let's talk about memorizing card meanings: I don’t want my students pulling tarot readings from memory. I train them to literally read their cards so that they can piece together a story from every tarot spread.

My approach to tarot aims to help you answer any type of question with clarity, accuracy and confidence.

Because tarot isn’t a memorization game. It’s a language. 

And unfortunately, guidebooks and tarot meanings don’t give us enough to go on to get deep in our tarot readings.

But depth is what we’re aiming for with tarot, because life is big, complex, and challenging – and tarot is the ultimate tool to help us navigate all of life’s ups and downs.

You need more than a little white book for that.

Which is I also help tarot readers break out of generic ideas about tarot cards – ideas that we can get stuck on after trying to memorize card meanings.

I want my tarot students to be well-rounded in their abilities to handle readings about love, work, spirituality, decision-making, self-care and more - concerns that every people have, and questions that you will have to answer if you one day want to work professionally as a tarot reader.

Where other tarot programs give you beginner basics and leave you to figure out the rest on your own, I have options to help you move into intermediate and advanced trainings.

I don’t hold anything back as a teacher. Everything I share with you comes straight from my experience as a professional reader.

You can come to my tarot school as a beginner and leave a pro.

The techniques I share are the same ones I use when I read for my tarot clients.

I have been using tarot since 2008, and have been working full-time as a cardslinger since 2015.

Some of my clients have included major brands such as FLARE Magazine, AOL Canada, Fossil, Canadian Tire and others.

I’ve read tarot for over 3,000 people and counting, and when you’ve done that many readings, you’ve heard every question under the sun – and you get really good at knowing how to handle even the most unexpected inquiries.


Along the way, I’ve also had the privilege of teaching tarot to hundreds of people as a guest speaker at tarot conferences and events throughout North America, including...
  • The Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, Oregon;
  • Readers Studio in New York City;
  • The Elora Tarot and Divination Festival (Elora, Ontario);
  • The Light and Love Tarot Reading Festival (Montreal, Quebec);
  • Creative Mornings (Toronto, Ontario - and that's me there in this picture by Yuli Scheidt);
  • And more. 

I’ve also been featured on some awesome podcasts...

 ... including Tarot Visions; the Biddy Tarot Podcast; the Hippie Witch podcast with Joanna DeVoe; the Magical Experiments Podcast with Taylor Ellwood; and Theresa Reed’s Tarot Bytes podcast.

And I've written two books on tarot... 

Going Beyond the Little White Book: A Contemporary Guide to Tarot and The Power of Tarot, which have gone on to sell over 2,000 copies and counting.

Add that to the students who’ve passed through my tarot programs - over 300 so far - and that’s a lot of people who I’ve been able to share my knowledge with. I hope you’ll become one of them!

But when I started studying tarot, I never expected I would be where I am with it today.

I used to feel so discouraged when I would pull out my tarot cards, ask a question, turn them and over and...go completely blank.

Back then, if you had told me I would one day have my own tarot business – let alone be speaking on stages or writing books about tarot... 

...Or that I would be waking up to emails from clients telling me our work together has changed their lives...I wouldn’t have thought that was in the cards for me.

And if I’d given up on tarot out of frustration, overwhelm, or impatience, I wouldn’t be here today - helping people like you develop the skills you need to become the tarot reader you dream of being. 

"Simply put, Liz is a great teacher. As a beginner to tarot, I was looking for someone who could skillfully introduce me to all the tarot has to offer and Liz did, and continues to do that with ease, warmth and understanding."

South Wales

Some random facts about me:

  • My astrological info is Aries sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio rising.
  • I take my coffee black, am definitely a morning person, and am an obsessive book-buyer.
  • When it comes to clothing, I prefer vintage over new.
  • My favourite decade? The 1980s.
  • Favourite movie? John Hughes’ Pretty in Pink - but I still think Andie chose the wrong guy.

Now, what about you? Are you ready to become the tarot reader you want to be?

I hope so, because I've got an awesome guided meditation to help you get there:

Become the Tarot Reader You Dream Of.

Step into your success as a tarot reader with this free guided meditation. 
  • Get aligned with your tarot cards
  • Get into your intuitive flow
  • Visualize your ideal tarot clients
  • See your success as a tarot reader

Free Tarot Meditation

Visualize your success as a tarot reader with this guided meditation.

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