My name is Liz Worth.

I love books, small dogs, and coffee. 

I also love tarot - a lot. That's why it's my mission to help you learn how to read tarot, and hopefully come to love it as much as I do.

Yes, Teach Me Tarot!

That's right: I'm a tarot teacher.

I'm also a tarot reader, trained astrologer, and published author.

I have been committed to tarot reading since 2008.

But it was in the mid-'90s when I got my first taste of card reading through a book I found at the grocery store check-out. The book was called The Little Book of Fortune Telling.

The book had a chapter about how to read playing cards, and I spent that whole summer studying that chapter, teaching myself how to read plain old playing cards. I was 13 years old.

Fast forward a few years later, when I got my first tarot deck. Still in my teens, I was way too impatient to appreciate what tarot was all about. I put tarot aside for the time being, but returned to it years later, when I was at a crossroads... 

Feeling like you're at a crossroads is usually when you stumble into tarot.

I believe that tarot is a tool, and it's one that we tend to learn how to use when our typical skill-sets aren't working anymore.

I didn't plan on becoming an expert in tarot.

As a kid, I'd always been drawn to the spiritual side of life. My mom let me have a Ouija board for my birthday one year. I used to pretend to host sceances with my imaginary friends. Myterious landmarks like Stonehenge held a special place in my heart.

But when I got into adulthood, I left a lot of those interests behind. I convinced myself I didn't have the time, and that my spiritual side would just distract me from career ambitions of being a journalist. 

For a while, that belief held true: I became a freelance journalist, and wrote for a lot of publications I admired. I even published my first book, an oral history of punk in Toronto called Treat Me Like Dirt. The book was the first to give an in-depth history into that era of Canadian music.

I should have been proud: I had done something no one else had done before. But instead, I felt...empty. I actually used to walk around the streets and think to myself, "I feel like something is missing..."

It sucked. Big time. What happens when you get what you want, only to find it doesn't fulfil you the way you'd expected? 

I needed a solution. So like many other spiritually-minded 20-somethings that had come before me, I did the only thing I could think of: 

I went to see an astrologer. 

The astrologer mentioned tarot, very casually, in our session. And something inside me clicked: What had happened to all of my childhood passions, I wondered? Why did I convince myself I had no time for my spiritual life anymore? 

I decided to go out and get myself a tarot deck. And this time, I was serious about it: I was going to learn how to read tarot once and for all. 

It didn't happen overnight. Tarot takes time to learn, but I was ready for that. Instead of rushing the process like I did in my teens, I was more mature now, more grounded - and I also really needed something positive to focus on in my life.

Tarot became the outlet that I needed. And as I studied and practiced over the years, it also became something I could give to others. The better I got, the more people told me how much my readings were helping them.

After studying, practicing, and learning tarot for several years - about seven altogether - I finally had enough clientele and experience to make tarot my full-time gig.

Since then, I've worked with people from all walks of life...

I've read tarot for thousands of clients, everyone from university students to retirees, artists to entrepreneurs. Some of my clients are recognizable voices on local radio stations, and some are storied musicians and authors... 

I've also taught tarot to hundreds of people. My workshops have hosted teenagers and grandparents, and my online programs have taken people from beginner tarot readers to professional card slingers. 

My clients and students may all be different, but they also share common traits:

  • An open mind; 
  • A willingness to learn; 
  • A desire to live a more purposeful life; and
  • A strong sense of self-awareness.

Sometimes people hear that I do tarot and assume I have a crystal ball and can see into the future.

Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but this is the wrong way to think about tarot. 

My tarot readings are not for everyone, and my work is not going to do much for you if you're looking for easy fixes and magical promises.

If you’re looking to sit down and hear a bunch of predictions about your future, I’m not the reader for you.

I don’t tell people when they’re going to find a relationship and fall in love.

I can’t tell you when you’re going to get married – and that’s something for you and your partner to figure out.

And I can’t tell you the winning lottery numbers, because hey, if I had that kind of intel I’d be playing the lotto, too.

And if you want to study tarot with me, you'll need to get rid of any of these assumptions as well, because my students are not going to be caught perpetuating tired, problematic myths about tarot.

I want to see these assumptions come to an end. 

One of the reasons people struggle to learn tarot is because there are so many myths about tarot cards out there.

Misinformation also prevents people from engaging with tarot, or seeing it as something helpful.

And those myths can go the other way, too, leading people to get readings for the wrong reasons, or with the wrong readers.

I believe that tarot is a tool, and like any tool, we need to learn how to use it, and when.

A hammer is going to help you roast a turkey, right? 

You can't sew your roof together with needle and thread, and you can't vacuum your house with a broom.

Like any other tool, tarot has specific purposes. It can help with some things, but not everything. 

That's why I wrote two books on tarot: To help demystify the cards and get people to see tarot for what it really is. 

Going Beyond the Little White Book and The Power of Tarot (pictured here) have both gone on to sell over 2,000 copies - and counting.

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"An experienced tarot reader, journalist, astrologer, and writer, Worth brings refreshing clarity and rigor to the often spiritually poetic topic of tarot."


I've also been able to share the wisdom of tarot by working with some major brands and media outlets...

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