3 Things You Need To Succeed as a Tarot Reader

People are often attracted to esoteric practices like tarot because they want to know the fastest way to get from A to B.

And the occult seems to promise short cuts and hacks to fast-track your success.

While I don’t think it hurts to throw in a little bit of magic into your life now and again, it’s important to remember that spells, prayers, meditations and affirmations can only get you so far.

If you don’t have the right attitude, mindset, or structure in place in your life to hold onto what you want to create, then all the magic in the world won’t save you.

This is a big mistake I see tarot readers make when they are trying to build their skills.

Whether you’re brand new to tarot, or you’ve been studying for years, if you’re relying too much on the “woo” to do the work for you, then you might not be seeing the progress you want.

There are three things I think everyone needs to nail if they want to get good at reading tarot – especially if you want to read cards for other people, either as a hobby or professionally one day.

1. Boundaries. Understanding boundaries is something everyone needs to do, no matter what path they are walking in life. Boundaries help you to say no, prioritize your time and energy, and stay focused on what matters most.

When we talk about boundaries, we often think about our own boundaries. But we also need to develop respect for other people’s boundaries, too. Especially when you’re doing something like tarot, which can open up sensitive conversations with querents. If we aren’t paying attention, tarot readers can easily (and unintentionally) cross people’s boundaries in readings when querents feel vulnerable or caught off guard by an insight.

2. Time management. This goes hand-in-hand with boundaries, because you can’t manage your time without boundaries. Boundaries are what help you to stick to an appointment schedule if you’re reading professionally. They also help you to make time to study, learn, and practice tarot if you’re still a tarot student – or considering becoming one.

Because anything you set out to do in life will require an investment of time. And if you don’t make the time to show up for what matters, then something else will find its way into your schedule instead.

3. Discipline. It sounds so simple, but it’s one of the hardest things to develop. Discipline, time management, and boundaries all rely on each other to stay strong.

Discipline is what keeps you committed to learning tarot, even in those lulls when you feel discouraged. Yup, it’s totally normal to get on this path feeling excited and inspired and then hit a wall. Discipline is what helps you to push past those times when you don’t see any progress.

Bumps in the road will happen no matter what stage you’re at in your tarot journey. But if you stay in practice with these three things – boundaries, time management, and discipline – you’ll be well-equipped to handle any ebbs and flows that come along in any aspect of your life.

Until next time,

Liz xo

p.s. Are you new to tarot and need some pointers? Download my tarot starter guide for some extra help.


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