How much information do you need in a reading?

In some of my recent readings, a few of my clients have asked, “How much information should I tell you?”

This question doesn’t always come from a desire to stay secretive or to test a reader: I’ve actually found it’s the opposite a lot of the time.

People come to tarot readings because they are trying to work something out within themselves.

Sometimes they are at a difficult or confusing crossroads.  Sometimes they are trying to make sense of an illogical scenario.

I’ve always seen myself as a neutral party for my clients. I’m not here to steer them in any one direction. I’m just here to listen and to understand what will be most helpful for them to take away from our time together.

If that means they want to explain where they’re coming from with a question, or they just want to talk things out for a minute without anyone jumping to conclusions, I can be that person for them.

You never know what a querent is going through....

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A reading for the new moon in Taurus: May 2024

eight of cups new moon May 06, 2024

Something I have been hearing a lot this year is that things just aren’t working out the same way they used to. 

A lot of small business owners are going through some of their slowest periods yet. 

People are finding that the things they used to rely on for comfort or joy aren’t cutting it anymore. 

Passions are changing. What used to feel inspiring has lost its shine. 

As I hear these similar-but-different scenarios, these conversations often circle around the same questions: 

“Is it time for me to focus on something else?” 

“Is it time for me to expand my interests and hobbies?” 

“Is something else calling me instead?” 

This month’s new moon arrives soon - on Tuesday, May 7 at 11:22pm Eastern Time. It joins up with benefic planets Venus and Jupiter in the same sign. 

My hope is that this new moon will bring a fresh perspective and a much-needed boost of optimism to anyone who is...

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“How do I know if my reading is right?”

tarot tips Apr 22, 2024

If you read tarot for others, or want to one day, this is a question you might already be familiar with.

I’ve been thinking about accuracy in readings a lot lately. Recently I’ve seen the question come up in online conversations, especially around whether it’s okay to check in with your querent as you go along. 

Sometimes readers hesitate to check-in because they feel like they have to show that they know it all. A lot of us come into this path with unrealistic pressures on ourselves to be all-seeing.

But if you don’t give your querent an opportunity to at least tell you whether a message is relevant or not, you risk wasting time and energy following an interpretation that might be totally off.

It’s not uncommon to pull cards and see several different directions a reading could go in

When this happens, I choose the one that feels most prominent and away we go. If it doesn’t immediately hit home, though, then that tells it might be...

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Can tarot tell you if your house is haunted?

Most of my client readings are focused on work or relationships.

I think that’s pretty common for most tarot readers, as those are the topics that people are usually most concerned with.

But every once in a while, I get some really fun – and unusual – questions.

I was reading at an event in a small town a couple hours away. It was nearing the end of the day when a young woman sat across from me said, “I’m not sure if you can tell me this, but is my house haunted? Because I feel like it is but no one will take me seriously when I tell them.”

I had been asked a lot of questions before this, but it was my first haunted house reading.

I shuffled the cards like usual and had my querent pull a few. When I flipped them over, we both peered down at them and paused.

The Seven of Cups, Wheel of Fortune and the Hanged Man stared back at me.

It’s not always easy to navigate such a direct question: Asking “is my house haunted” is essentially...

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Where do we draw the line between insecurity and superstition?

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2024

Several years ago, I was teaching a class at a little occult shop in the east end of town. The class was focused around my methods of using tarot to write your own spells and rituals.

I started creating rituals for my querents based on intuition and organic conversations during readings.

It’s not unusual for someone to ask how they can act upon the advice in a reading once they leave a session. Or they might want to know if there are certain “next steps” they can take to implement a piece of insight.

And sometimes querents will even flat out ask for advice about rituals that they can work themselves in order to release, let go or manifest something we’ve read on that day.

I started to build out personalized rituals based on my readings.

In the class I was teaching, I was taking students through some examples of previous rituals I had created. One involved inviting a querent to self-select tarot cards from my deck.

A student raised their hand: “What if...

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How specific can you get with tarot questions?

tarot readings tarot tips Mar 18, 2024

I am in the process of doing something I never thought I would attempt.

I am learning to drive.

I know that in many parts of the world, and especially in North American culture, driving is a necessity. And getting your license is seen as a rite of passage by some.

But I was never interested in driving. Maybe it’s because very few women in family learned to drive, either. Something seems to run in our blood to avoid it as much as possible.

My dad drove, though not always very well. My mother was a nervous passenger, which probably didn’t help.

And her nervousness quite likely rubbed off on me: I have always preferred to be a passenger, or a pedestrian.

I also spent most of my life in Toronto, a city where you can often get by without a car. There are streetcars, subways and buses to take you where you want to go. I don’t have many friends there who own cars of their own; a lot of them have let their licences expire out of lack of use.

My husband and I didn’t...

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Competing energies between the Cups and Swords

All year I’ve felt like I’m competing between two identities:

There is the part of me that reads and teaches tarot, and the part of me that is an artist.

I used to feel like these two things co-existed to a certain extent, though of course they are distinct and pull from different parts of me.

The part of me that is an artist needs long stretches of time to write. This means being offline and undisturbed. It means being free to be with my own thoughts and feelings. And it requires a certain level of privacy, as writing takes time to develop and is often only revealed when it’s ready for an audience.

The tarot part of me is present, visible and social. It requires that I’m available, responsive, and openly sharing.

These two things sound like an ideal balance on paper. One allows for quiet and solitude, and the other allows for service and community. And both can trade places, with tarot being a gentle ritual and writing eventually being for public...

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Let your readings BREATHE

tarot readings tarot tips Mar 04, 2024

Whenever I pull cards for a tarot reading, I always take a moment to see what's there.

I call this "taking a breath," and I find it works best when all of the cards are face up so that they can be studied as one group. 

But that long, quiet pause? Boy does it ever make some clients nervous! 

Sometimes people worry and ask if I'm "seeing something bad." Or they think I'm about to deliver the worst-case scenario.

But I’m only concentrating. Thinking. Taking it all in and looking for patterns between the cards, or making decisions about what strikes me as the most interesting starting points. 

Tarot takes a certain level of focus. Even though many of us associate with intuition, that shouldn’t mean we assume or expect it’s always going to be easy and instant.  

It takes practice to tune into your intuition – to figure out how your instincts kick in, and to separate any distractions from the messages at hand.  

Tarot readings can...

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Imposter Complex in Tarot

Ever since the start of the year, I’ve been hearing more and more tarot readers talk about their struggles with imposter complex.

Imposter complex is something that gets all of us at one time or another. No matter how much work you put into your craft, and no matter how much positive feedback you receive on your readings, there will be days when you question whether you’re cut out for this.

One of the things I think is important to do when doubt creeps in is to sit within the awareness of it. Ask yourself: “Why is this feeling coming up? Where might it be coming from?”

Sometimes imposter complex rises up when readers are trying too hard to do something spectacular. That might look like an attempt to make a wild leap of a prediction, or it might come from pressure to impress a querent by knowing something they haven’t revealed.

When we try to force the uncanny, or when we assume we have to perform omniscient feats, doubt is often in the corners, waiting...

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Spirituality and business can (and should) coexist

tarot business Jan 22, 2024

I can’t figure out if January is going by fast or slow. On one hand, I can’t believe it’s already January 22. 

On the other, I feel like I’ve been slowly easing myself into the year. A couple of weeks ago, I had shared here that I was scheduled for dental surgery.  

But when I was at the dentist’s office two days before the appointment, I learned of a major miscommunication in regards to this procedure. My gut told me to hold off and seek out another opinion, which is what I’ve decided to do. 

Luckily this isn’t an urgent issue: I am grateful that I can take my time with it. 

I thought I would feel more relieved, though: No surgery? No pain? No recovery? Great, right? But I was mentally and financially preparing for this treatment for months. Having it suddenly come off my calendar really threw me off for some reason: All of that energy spent building towards something that might not even be right for me. 


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