My Favourite Tarot Cards for New Beginnings

There are so many cards in tarot that indicate and inspire new beginnings.

But we have to remember that tarot is balanced: It shows us beginnings, middles, and ends. And all of the various experiences in between those states.

Some cards are static and unchanging, and others signify abrupt endings. Some show the hard work that comes with moving towards a goal, and others show the importance of rest and stasis.

We can’t be changing all the time, of course.

But if you’re craving a clean slate and want to open a new chapter, here are my Top 3 tarot cards to reflect on when you’re ready for a new door to open:

1. The Ace of Cups. I have a special relationship with the Ace of Cups. I find it reliably pops up when I need reassurance that things are going to turn out for the best. Especially when I’m making a big change.

The Ace of Cups is a wonderful card to reflect on for new beginnings in relationships, creativity, spirituality, and the self.

2. The Ace of Wands. I had to include another ace here, as this is one of my favourite cards. Creativity is really important to me, and that’s what this card often signifies for me.

The Ace of Wands is a powerful card to reflect on when you need a new idea or burst of inspiration that can compel you down a new path. That’s the power of creativity: One great idea, coupled with the willingness to act upon it, can potentially change your whole life.

  1. Judgement. I know this probably isn’t an obvious card to list here. The Fool would be a clearer choice, but the Fool gets a lot of air play when it comes to new beginnings. So I’m switching it up and going with another favourite card, Judgement.

    The Judgement card is one I used to pull constantly when I was waking up to my spiritual path, and to my life as a tarot reader. I see it as symbol of being called, and I connect it to the action of answering a calling.

When I see Judgement come up in readings for my clients, they are often going through periods of deep transformation. This card can represent immense personal change, and the compulsion to follow a dream or calling.

If you’re in search of your path or purpose, the Judgement card is one I recommend to reflect on.

Until next time,


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