When you feel frustrated by “mundane” questions in your tarot readings

When you start reading tarot for other people, you quickly realize that a lot of questions people have revolve around the same few categories:



Money and security.

Focus and contentment.

And just as often, we can find ourselves asking variations of these same questions when we’re reading on our own.

It’s something that I’ve been asked about a lot over the last few years:

“How can I take my readings deeper? What else should I be asking about?”

And, “What can I do to get my querents thinking differently, too?”

I used to feel the same way.

But I’ve come to appreciate these “mundane” questions, and I encourage you to try to, too.

Because one thing I have come to realize is that these questions are what life is about: No matter what it is we are trying to achieve in our personal lives, many of us share common fears and desires at the end of the day.

Everyone wants to feel love, and be loved.

Everyone needs a sense of security and stability.

Everyone wants some level of predictability in their life.

Everyone wants to feel like they are successful in what they do, whether they are running a million-dollar company or being a stay-at-home parent.

It’s okay to want these things.

This is what life is about in the day to day, and if we want to be of service to ourselves and the world, we have to accept that mundane questions are part of a tarot reader’s journey.

Another thing I have realized is that sometimes, the things we stuck on that feel small or even superficial sometimes can lead to deeper turning points.

A small decision can lead to a major transformation. A small change can become a pivotal moment.

You never know what will create a domino effect in someone’s life. A reading you give a querent about a petty office squabble might echo through their minds and lead them to a life-altering epiphany six months later.

You also can’t rush spiritual awakenings. I know that as tarot readers, we often want to get into the deep, soul-level searching that can feel so much more substantial in the moment.

But not all querents are ready to go there right away. People who seek out tarot readings are usually everyday people who need a bit of advice.

If you lead them appropriately and allow them to be witnessed where they’re at, even with the most everyday questions, they might start to see that there is more to tarot than they realized.

And as their day-to-day concerns clear up and they step into new iterations of themselves, they might begin to ask different questions.

And sometimes they’ll come back and give you the opportunity to lead them into something new: Something deeper, something that hits closer to that soul-level you’re so curious about.

But we have to accept that we might not always go in those directions with everyone we read for.

And that’s okay.

It can all be important in its own way. Just because you can’t see how deep something hits for someone doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an impact.

Until next time,


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