Why is money such a messy topic in the tarot community?

The spiritual community at large (including the tarot community) often has a poor relationship with money.

This isn’t a blanket statement, of course: There are always different ends of the spectrum in any situation.

But having been working in this industry for years now, I’ve heard and seen enough critiques of money to know that this problem is pervasive and ongoing.

I’ve even seen some practitioners who are running businesses of their own complain about having to pay for someone else’s course, training, or book.

You’d think business people would want to support each other, right? Apparently, that’s not always the case.

But why does this matter, and why am I bringing it up in my tarot newsletter?

Because tarot readers’ attitudes towards money can influence those they seek to support.

Whether you read professionally or just for fun and practice, the reality is that the people you read cards for have financial concerns.

Your querents might need help with questions about managing their finances, creating wealth, dealing with debt, and more.

And it can be a challenge to support querents through their money questions as a practitioner if you’re not in right relationship with money yourself.

It’s not uncommon in this industry to see practitioners who:

  • Chronically under-charge for their work, and look down at others who charge more;
  • Criticize their peers’ marketing, promotion, and sales-strategies as signs that they’ve “sold out,”
  • Share beliefs that people who are well-off are selfish, or less deserving of respect and compassion.

I often wonder: What if a client was asking about these very things?

You might have an entrepreneurial client who consults you for a reading to help them raise their prices.

You might have a client who is taking a big step to promote themselves or their work, and wants advice about how to become more visible as they market themselves.

You might have a client who is wealthier than you, or who has ambition to build great wealth in their lifetime.

If you’re putting yourself in a position to lead, inspire, and empower, you have to be prepared to support people with their money goals.

And that can mean putting aside your own feelings and thoughts about money – or even working to change those attitudes altogether, especially if they end up blocking your ability to support your querents in the best capacity.

In the tarot, we see a number of wealthy cards, particularly in the suit of Pentacles. Tarot often reminds us that these everyday concerns – including material matters – are very much a part of life.

But if every time you see money in the real world and try to block it out, put it down, or push it away, then it can become a challenge to accurately see messages of wealth in the cards.

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