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For Beginners

Learning tarot can feel so overwhelming! That's why I pared down the most essential tarot info into one handy guide.

Use this to help you focus your studies and build upon the basics.

I Need This!

Free Video Training

How can you build more confidence as a tarot reader - especially if you're not sure your intuition is kicking in?

This training video is ideal for tarot students of all levels.

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100 Tarot Questions

Do you ever feel like you ask your cards the same questions over and over again? Are you ready to expand your practice with different topics and themes to read on?Β 

Get unstuck with 100 fresh questions!

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"I would recommend Liz to anyone that is interested in gaining a new perspective with regards to the Tarot, be it a life-long believer, or a hardened skeptic – you won’t be disappointed. "

– William Allinson