Change happens when we are willing to let go of who we think we are. So what are you ready to become? Pay attention to what you ache for, what you crave, what you love. Those are the keys for what's to come.

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Shawn Nolan 2015


At a crossroads in your life and wondering where to go from here?

Stuck in a rut, and unsure of how to get out of it? In need of clarity around a specific situation?

Looking to learn more about the challenges or opportunities that lie ahead for you?

Feeling confused and uncertain about the future, and are ready to cut through life’s chaos and unpredictability?

Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.

I’m a tarot reader, a dreamer, and a writer… A creative coach and mentor, an intuitive, and a nature-lover.

I’m based in Toronto, but am always California dreamin’ (and I work with clients from all over, thanks to the wonder of Skype.)

Through tarot readings, intuitive creative coaching sessions, dream interpretation, and more.

I believe in…

Adding more compassion and acceptance to the world, starting with ourselves.

Bringing more authenticity and honesty to society.

Creating a world with less of a need to keep up appearances and more courage and inspiration to just be who you are, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Creating more space for self-expression and inspiration in the world.

Giving people the tools to move beyond their personal and creative blocks, and to grow and evolve however they feel they need to, in a world that doesn’t always make it easy for us to pause and reflect on what it is we really need for ourselves.

Inspiring people to be who they are and create what they feel called to do, even in a world that doesn’t always make it easy for us to do so.

Inspiring people to make time for what inspires them. Inspiring people to focus on their inner voice, not to what they’ve been told they “should” do.

Making questions like, “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” feel more like wide open spaces where anything is possible, rather than making them into categories that need to be filled up with specific outcomes.

Making the unknown fun again. When we were kids, so many of us grew up not worrying about what tomorrow might bring. We were comfortable with uncertainty because we hadn’t lost our faith or trust in the universe. But somewhere along the way, the pressure to succeed, compete, and conform can all shake our ability to simply surrender.

But sometimes, the most exciting thing about life is not knowing what’s around the corner. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your life right now. You could be 20 or 120. You could feel like you royally screwed something up.

You could be wondering how you ended up so far off the path you wanted to be on.

Change is always possible, and it’s always within your power.

I am here to help you see that.

Are you with me?

*Photo by Shawn Nolan, 2015

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