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Liz Worth October 2013I’m a writer and Tarot reader based in Toronto, Canada.

I started using Tarot in 2008, and today I offer private readings in downtown Toronto as well as online. Learn more about booking a reading with me here.

I’m also the author of four books: PostApoc, Amphetamine Heart, and Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk in Toronto and Beyond.

My next book, No Work Finished Here: Rewriting Andy Warhol, will be published by BookThug this Fall.

Currently, I’m working on a vampire novel and am rewriting Twin Peaks scripts as poetry. I also have another completed poetry manuscript and am hoping to find a home for it in the near future.

My writing has also appeared in the Toronto Star, Exclaim!, KellyDiels.com, and more.

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