Island“Liz’s inspiring story highlights the value of our inner intuition, the importance of setting intentions and why we all need to acknowledge our power to create the future we want for ourselves.” 
– Chanèle McFarlane, Make Lemonade

My name is Liz Worth. I’m a Toronto-based tarot reader, astrologer, and author.

My work has been highlighted by Flare Magazine, Toronto Life, Make Lemonade, Province Apothecary, She Does the City, Biddy Tarot, and more.

In 2017, I was honoured to be included in Flare’s inaugural #HowIMadeItList, which focuses on rising business women in Canada.

Usually, one of the first things people ask me these days is, “How did you become a tarot reader?”

I grew up in a household where psychics, ghosts, astrology, and anything occult-related or supernatural was “normal.” My mom used to hire psychics for parties she hosted at her house, she let me play with Ouija boards before I was 10 years old, and she used to let me peruse the dream dictionary she kept in her nightstand.

So I was always fascinated by divination, magic, and the idea that there are unseen powers and forces at work within us, and around us.

It probably doesn’t hurt that I was born under an Aries Sun with a Pisces Moon and Scorpio Rising. I have a lot of fire to bring to my otherworldly interests.

After dabbling in various forms of divination throughout my teens, my fate as a tarot reader was sealed after a visit to an astrologer in my mid-20s, who said, “You should read tarot. You would be good at it.”

But I didn’t set out to become a professional tarot reader at all.

My path, at least as far as I wanted to believe in my younger years, was to be a professional writer. Ever since I was 13, I had decided that I wanted to be a poet.

As I got older, I pursued a career in journalism. (Possibly because of my mom’s dire concerns that, “Poets don’t make any money until after they’re dead.”) I freelanced for a number of magazines and newspapers, writing about music, life, and sociological issues.

But my days as a journalist were numbered. The industry was shrinking, and I was itching to write books of my own. I was tired of telling other people’s stories.

My first book was an oral history of punk in Toronto in the 1970s.

It’s called Treat Me Like Dirt, and it’s the most successful book I have written so far. It was the first of its kind to give an in-depth look at Toronto’s punk history, which was highly under-documented and ignored. I was 24 when I started working on that book, and 27 when it was published.

People sometimes ask if I’m the same Liz Worth who wrote “the punk book.” Indeed I am.

These days I’ve gone back to my first loves. My writing is mainly focused on poetry, fiction, tarot, and astrology. My first book of poetry, Amphetamine Heart, is a somewhat autobiographical collection that was written over a three-year period.

In 2014, I re-wrote Andy Warhol’s a: A Novel as a found poetry project, resulting in 451 poems about life at the Warhol Factory. It was published as No Work Finished Here by BookThug in 2015.

My next poetry collection, The Truth is Told Better This Way, which be published by BookThug in 2017.

I’ve also written three chapbooks – Eleven: Eleven, Manifestations, and Arik’s Dream, along with a novel, PostApoc, that is weird, surreal, and super dark. People either love it or hate it. It was published by Now or Never Publishing in 2013. It was translated into French by XYZ Editions in 2016. I’m working on a follow-up. Expect it to be just as strange. Books

And I have a book about tarot called Going Beyond the Little While Book: A Contemporary Guide to Tarot. (I have some other tarot books planned as well, so stay tuned.)

Throughout my years as a writer, I’ve read my work here at home in Toronto and on stages far and wide, from New York City to Montreal to Halifax.

I’ve taught writing workshops, delivered keynote talks about the creative process in university auditoriums, and spoken in post-secondary classrooms to aspiring writers. Today, I offer private mentorships and group workshops here in Toronto and online.

But how does this all tie back into tarot and astrology? As I mentioned earlier, it all started with an astrology reading back in 2008. Ever since then, I decided to commit to tarot as a practice, and eventually as a profession.

I believe that tarot is a powerful tool that can help all of us connect to our intuition and our higher selves. The cards aren’t always what hold the answers; often, I find that they like to show us that we’ve known what to do all along, and in that way, they help to reinforce our own intuitive strengths.

In Toronto, I’ve had the honour and privilege of reading and teaching tarot at a number of incredible shops and venues, including a two-year residency at Likely General on Roncesvalles; Rowan Homespun; Assembly; and SeeSaw Cafe. These days, I work mainly out of the Inner Arts Collective on Danforth, where I offer readings in-person and online.

In my experience, tarot can help us better understand the paths we are meant to be on and the choices that are available to us. Tarot can give us the clarity we’ve been looking for. I’ve seen time and time again that a reading can bring the push that someone needs to get unstuck, or to get a shift in perspective that opens up whole new possibilities.

In my private practice, I customize open readings to each client’s situation or inquiry. I like to get creative with my tarot spreads, because every client brings a unique situation and perspective to their session and I want to honour that.

I’ve formally studied tarot under Marissa Moondaughter through her Tarot Journey program, as well as under Brigit Esselmont of the phenomenal Biddy Tarot community. But much of my practice has been organic: Like many readers, I have spent years studying tarot on my own.

I also studied astrology with New York City’s Rebecca Gordon, who runs My Path Astrology.

In Toronto, I’ve read tarot at a number of events, including the Toronto Psychic Fair, Bazaar of the Bizarre, Midnight MRKT, the Toronto Fringe Festival, Toronto Urban Collective’s pop-up markets, Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market, the Holistic Beauty Experience, and more, including private parties and charity events.

I was also a regular reader at Toronto’s long-running Psychic Brunch.

If you’re not able to catch a group class, I offer private workshops and mentorships that are available online and can be offered anywhere in the world. I’ve had clients from all over, from Europe to Australia to the U.S.

No matter what I’m doing, I love momentum, creativity, and change. If you’re looking to seize the future, I would love to help you. Whether it’s through a tarot or astrology reading, creative coaching, or helping you uncover your own intuitive path through a class or mentorship, let’s make something happen.

Here’s how.

Until time,

Liz xo

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