“Liz’s inspiring story highlights the value of our inner intuition, the importance of setting intentions and why we all need to acknowledge our power to create the future we want for ourselves.” 
– Chanèle McFarlane, Make Lemonade

My name is Liz Worth. I’m a Toronto-based tarot reader, astrologer, and author.

My work has been featured in Chatelaine Magazine, Flare Magazine, Toronto Life, Make Lemonade, Province Apothecary, She Does the City, Biddy Tarot, and more.

I am not just a tarot reader – I am a tarot expert and the author of two critically-acclaimed tarot books: Going Beyond the Little White Book and The Power of Tarot.

I regularly give talks, classes, and lectures about tarot and astrology throughout Toronto, as well as at national and international conferences, including Readers Studio in New York City; the Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, Oregon; and the Light & Love Tarot Reading Festival in Montreal, Canada.

In 2017, I was honoured to be included in Flare’s inaugural #HowIMadeItList, which focuses on rising business women in Canada.

Usually, one of the first things people ask me these days is, “How did you become a tarot reader?”

The answer is nothing fancy: My skills come from practice, practice, practice.

I grew up in a household where psychics, ghosts, astrology, and anything occult-related or supernatural was “normal.” My mom used to hire psychics for parties she hosted at her house, she let me play with Ouija boards before I was 10 years old, and she used to let me peruse the dream dictionary she kept in her nightstand.

So I was always fascinated by divination, magic, and the idea that there are unseen powers and forces at work within us, and around us.

But I didn’t set out to become a professional tarot reader at all.

My path, at least as far as I wanted to believe in my younger years, was to be a professional writer. Ever since I was 13, I had decided that I wanted to be a poet.

As I got older, I pursued a career in journalism. (Possibly because of my mom’s dire concerns that, “Poets don’t make any money until after they’re dead.”)

I went on to write my first book at 24 years old: An oral history of punk in Toronto in the 1970s.

It’s called Treat Me Like Dirt, and it’s the most successful book I have written so far. It was the first of its kind to give an in-depth look at Toronto’s punk history, which was highly under-documented and ignored. I was 24 when I started working on that book, and 27 when it was published.

People sometimes ask if I’m the same Liz Worth who wrote “the punk book.” Indeed I am.

Though I was published widely throughout North America as a music and features writer, I eventually wanted to something that could help more people in deeper ways than writing about the latest album release or concert. 

I transitioned into a career in the charitable industry and spent eight years working at two of the most recognizable non-profits in Canada.

It was during those years that I got deep into tarot and astrology. Even though I was helping people through my work, I felt burned out, disconnected, and disillusioned by the corporate culture of major charities.

I went to see an astrologer for a reading one day and he put me on a spiritual path I never expected. From there my childhood interests were rekindled; finally, I was mature enough to really, properly learn how to use tarot and astrology in a meaningful way.

Because the truth is, these are tools you must be taught to wield. While you might have heard of readers who are born with “a gift,” I teach, through my own experience, that anyone can use, access and benefit from tarot and astrology.

These are not supernatural tools meant only for a chosen few. No, these gifts are for everyone – including you – to help you connect to your true nature. When you know yourself, you know what kinds of decisions to make, and which situations you need to avoid. 

I am not a guru or a prophet. I am not here to entertain you with wild visions of the future, or impress you with any supernatural abilities.

I am just like you, making my way through life day to day, trying to make the best decisions possible for myself and my loved ones. Except I do have a few things that help me along the way – like tarot and astrology – and I can show you how to incorporate them into your own life so that you become more efficient and effective with everything you’re trying to accomplish.

I spent years studying, practicing and committing to tarot and astrology so that I can offer my skills to you in a way that is effective, useful, and real – no illusions, no empty promises, and no unrealistic predictions.

I’ve seen time and time again that a reading can bring the push that someone needs to get unstuck, or to get a shift in perspective that opens up whole new possibilities.

If you’re ready to let me show what I mean, let’s get to work

Until time,

Liz xo

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