If you are getting in touch to inquire about a party or event, start with this online form.

No appointments are arranged via email, phone, or text. Click here to schedule a reading with me.

For all other inquiries, please email me:

Please note I usually respond to email from Monday-Thursday. I don’t check private messages on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and I don’t do business via text. Email is the only way to reach me.

I am closed on Fridays and some weekends, and am usually offline during those times. If you contact me on a Friday, you will likely hear back from me on Monday.

If you have an urgent or time-sensitive inquiry, I ask that you stay mindful that I need time to respond. 

Everything I do requires that I have long periods of uninterrupted time to focus and I can’t answer every message immediately. Help me honour the people who have booked appointments with me by providing me an appropriate amount of turnaround time to respond to your inquiry.

Thanks for understanding.

Talk soon! Looking forward to hearing from you.


Aug 2016

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