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This page lists all one-off, in-person workshops and events I’m teaching or speaking at in and outside of Toronto. If you are looking for my online courses, you can find those here.


Saturn-with-moonsTarot and Astrology: Understanding the power of Saturn and Uranus
Thursday, June 28, 1pm EST
Online // Register here

Just as tarot can help us understand greater forces at work, so can astrology.

Even though these are two very different divination systems, they can complement each other quite well.

If you are a tarot reader who wants to learn how to better serve your clients and community, or are simply curious about astrology and have decided it’s time to learn more, I invite you to join me in this online workshop.

This class will focus specifically on the energies Saturn and Uranus, two planets that I’m keeping an eye for the next several years. You will learn:

– Why astrology matters, and how it impacts all of us
– The influence of astrological transits
– The impact Saturn in Capricorn (from 2017 to 2020)
– The impact of Uranus in Taurus (from 2018 to 2026)
– Tarot spreads to help you and your community navigate these transits

This class will help tarot readers of all levels – from emerging to professional – find deeper energetic alignment within their readings and understand how astrology can affect the questions, messages, and themes we explore in our readings at any given time.

Astrological energies impact all of us, whether we know it or not. Register here.


Tarot Reader HandTarot 101: An introductory workshop 
Thursday, July 5, 2018 
Inner Arts Collective, 257 Danforth Avenue, Toronto
7pm – 9pm 
$55 // Limited spaces // Pre-registration is required.
Sign up here.

This Tarot 101 workshop is your opportunity to learn how to start reading tarot. Whether you have just picked up your first deck, or have been working with tarot on your own already, this workshop will give you the foundation you need to explore the cards with confidence.

Tarot is for everyone. Transformations begin once you start working with it. If you want to start exploring tarot’s powerful messages, Tarot 101 is for you.

In this class, you will learn:

— An overview of the history of tarot, with an emphasis on myths and misconceptions that every reader needs to be aware of;
— How to create a personal connection to your tarot deck, and strengthen your relationship with your cards;
— How to work with the elements, numbers, and symbols in the cards

What to bring:

— A tarot deck (Rider-Waite, Morgan Greer, Sharman Caselli, or Universal are recommended)
— A pen and notebook, or other writing materials to take notes

Spaces are limited. Pre-registration is required. Sign up here.

This is a different set of lessons than my other tarot workshop, The Art of Tarot: Traditional Techniques, so if you have been to my other class, this will give you a fresh set of lessons


RitualThe Nature of Tarot: One Day Retreat 
Monday, August 27 or Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Presqui’le Provincial Park, Brighton, Ontario
10am – 4pm
$90 + HST // Register at

I’m teaming up with the formidable Marilyn Shannon for an immersive day of tarot and magic in a beautiful setting this summer. My workshop, Tarot for Earth magic and ritual: Honouring nature’s power through the cards, will show you how to look deeper into the symbols and energies of the cards for intention-setting, ritual work, and spellcraft.

As part of the lesson, you will have the chance to create a ritual to honour the Earth, as a way to connect with the beautiful land that we will be sharing at this time.

Marilyn will be using a combination of themes for you to explore. Themes will include: harvesting the seeds planted under the Pisces Full Moon as we will be experiencing the Pisces new moon in August. Planning for the Fall New Year as many of us start new things in September. Thresholds, elements, tarot and charm casting will all add to the day.

Sounds AMAZING, right? Get the full retreat details and registration info here. Spaces are limited for each day. Early registration is recommended.


The Inaugural Light & Love Tarot Reading Marathon Friday, September 21, 2018 
Crowley Centre, 5325 Crowley Ave, Montreal
Purchase your ticket here

The Inaugural Light & Love Tarot Reading Marathon with special guests: Rachel Pollack and Mary K. Greer.

This event is about “empowering the public with the knowledge and tools of the divine and exposing the true powers of Tarot, as it is much more than a fortune telling tool. Being conscious of our health and wellness, physical and spiritual, is the undeniable essence which will empower us to make a difference in this world.”

As this event takes place at the Fall Equinox, I will be giving a short talk about tarot and intention-setting, and how we can use this gathering as an opportunity to connect with the change in season and the energies it brings. I’m so honoured to be doing this.

There are tarot workshops, presentations, and free tarot readings at this full-day conference. The value of a ticket is HUGE and the price is right. Don’t skip out on this one. Tickets can be purchased here, and the event’s full details are right here.

Do you have a shop, yoga studio, or other space you’d like to me to teach or read at? Get in touch:

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