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“Liz will help you to understand the relevant issues at hand from all angles and provide you with great insight into what you need to know in order to move forward.”
– Liz Selke


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What would you do with your life if there was no second-guessing? How would it feel to surrender to the moment and trust that everything is exactly as it’s meant to be right now?

What choices would you make if you knew they would bring you to the right place, at the right time?

Trusting in yourself can be one of the toughest things to do. But once we start to get the hang of it, we start to realize that our intuition is our best, most reliable guide there is.

Tarot and astrology readings can be hugely transformative. These are tools that break you open and help you awaken to who you are and what you need to be focusing on.

Tarot and astrology are conduits to your path and purpose. They can help you re-frame your perspective, gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you are meant to be doing, and how you can access your gifts in this lifetime.

Are you ready to get behind the veil and uncover your path, purpose, and potential? A reading with me can help expand your frame of reference, highlight upcoming opportunities and challenges, and shift your life in the direction you want to go in.

I offer in-depth tarot readings, natal chart readings, and more. Appointments can be done over Skype or in-person if you are local to Toronto.

I had a reading with Liz last night and it was great – very comprehensive, practical, thoughtful and humane. It left me feeling very clear, for the first time in awhile. As a creator herself, Liz is especially good at empathizing and focusing upon blockages and the root causes behind them. Overall just a really positive experience.
– Alison Lang


My rates will be increasing before the end of August, 2017. I haven’t raised them in almost two years, but since then, rent has gone up, PayPal fees have increased, and, well, I am getting major signals from the universe to go, go, go on this.

You will also see some other changes taking place: I will have different hours for the fall season, some new services will be introduced, and some will disappear – maybe not forever, but for now.

As always, thank you for the support. This is all to make the future the best it can be.


Tarot Readings: Private sessions 

I offer 30, 60, and 90-minute sessions via Skype, or in-person if you are local to Toronto.

My office hours are from Tuesday to Friday, 12-7pm, and Saturday, 12-4pm.

(Please note that tarot readings require 24 hours notice for bookings; astrology readings require four business days, minimum.)

Choose your reading

Tarot Taster: 30-Minute Tarot Readings, $50.00 CDN

A 30-minute tarot reading is a great way to get to get a “cosmic check-in,” or clear, straightforward guidance around a question or concern. It’s also perfect for anyone who’s new to tarot and wants to feel it out. Half an hour will fly by, though, so if you have a lot of questions you want to cover, a full hour may be a better option.

Deep Dive: 60-Minute Tarot Readings, $85.00 CDN

Hour-long readings are ideal if you are ready to make deep change in your life, or want to know about several different areas of focus for the year to come. A full session gives you the opportunity to go in-depth in exploring a range of questions and topics.

If you are going through a major life transition, are questioning your path in life, looking to break out of old habits or patterns, or are simply seeking a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world, this reading will help bring forward the messages you need to hear.

Astro Oracle: 90-Minute Tarot and Astrology Readings, $120.00 CDN

Astrology is way more than what you read in a daily horoscope (although my astrology column, Hidden Insights, was named one of the six best horoscopes on the internet by She Does the City). It can show how your past lives are affecting you today, and help you understand who you are meant to be and why are you here.

In a 90-minute session, we’ll take an in-depth look at your astrological chart to learn more about your gifts, your calling, the lessons you are here to learn, and more. Then we’ll do a tarot reading to get some additional messages from the cards to see how you can unlock your destiny and make the most out of what you’ve been given in this lifetime.

I will require your date of birth, exact time of birth (no exceptions), and place of birth to cast your chart. Astrology readings must be booked with a minimum of four business days’ notice.

Ready to book? You can schedule something using the calendar below. Once your appointment goes through, I’ll be in touch


Email readings

Don’t have time to make an appointment? I also offer in-depth email readings.

But be careful: You might end up loving them so much that you’ll want to come back for more.

I read tarot from Tuesday to Saturday. When you purchase an email reading from me, I will send your messages in a PDF within two business days, unless otherwise noted. These are equivalent to a 60-minute Deep Dive session.

Want one? Book your reading here to get started.

Liz’s readings are accurate, relatable, and filled with insights that resonate days and weeks later. I find myself re-reading them and finding new things to consider as time goes on. It’s been a real encouragement to read her words as I try to get back into a creative space.”
– Julie


Book me for your party 

I am available for private parties, corporate events, and more. Learn more about my group rates here.


What do people say about my readings? 

“Liz uses the cards to get deep into your own psyche. She gives you the answers to questions you didn’t know you had, but realize were there all along. My reading with her was like getting back on the path. Thanks Liz!”
– M Caron

“I felt very at comfortable with Liz straight from the start. She takes a lots of care and holds the space with ease throughout the reading. Liz’s reading is very intuitive and was completely on point with what was going on and what came up soon after. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone who’s looking for more clarity or insight into any aspect of their life.”
-Carlyn Burchell

Want to check out more testimonials? You can find them right here.

My policies (the important stuff!)

Have questions about refunds, rescheduling, location, or other important details? Be sure to check out my policies page in order to make an informed purchase.

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