3 Spiritual Trends I Hope Will Disappear in 2021

Happy New Year!

I hope you are doing well, all things considered.

Thank you so much for joining me here. I’m excited to start the New Year off with you!

What intentions, hopes, dreams, and changes are you bringing with you into 2021?

Personally, I’m bringing in a few new and old plans: I’m going to take clarinet lessons, for one.

Two, I’m bringing back my annual resolution to read all the un-read books I have at home before buying new ones. (It’s the third year in a row I’m setting this resolution – let’s see if I can keep it this time around.)

There are also a few spiritual trends and beliefs that I would be happy to see disappear in 2021:

1. The belief that tarot readers, energy healers and other intuitive workers shouldn’t charge for their “gifts.” This idea only serves people who don’t believe in paying someone for their labour.

Energetic and intuitive work are skills like any other, and many people who run service-based businesses have invested a lot of time and money into developing the modalities they use to help others. It’s about time this work is valued and respected by everyone.

2. The misguided ideas around soulmates and twin flames that keep people stuck in toxic relationships, or that prevent them from being able to move on from unrequited love.

As romantic as these concepts can be, they do have a dark side that can lead to a lot of complications. This is going to get a newsletter of its own because it’s a big topic, so stay tuned for that.

3. The belief that you have to be “psychic” to read tarot. This idea creates a division within those who want to read tarot, but don’t feel they have any natural ability to do it.

I’m not naturally musical, but I can take lessons and learn. Just as people can develop artistic abilities by taking painting classes. Or develop business savvy by taking a marketing course.

Sure, we may have certain raw talents when it comes to our work or hobbies. And some people may have a natural instinct for something that gives them a competitive edge over their peers.

But more often than not, we get good at something by working at it. Even people with raw talent improve when they find instructors, mentors, and schools.

I truly believe that tarot is like any other art form: Anyone can acquire an ability to read cards if they put in the time and practice.

And I hope to see even more people opening up to tarot in the year to come.

What kinds of beliefs or trends do you hope will change in 2021? Write me back and let me know.

Until next time,

Liz xo


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