A reading for the new moon in Taurus: May 2024

eight of cups new moon May 06, 2024

Something I have been hearing a lot this year is that things just aren’t working out the same way they used to. 

A lot of small business owners are going through some of their slowest periods yet. 

People are finding that the things they used to rely on for comfort or joy aren’t cutting it anymore. 

Passions are changing. What used to feel inspiring has lost its shine. 

As I hear these similar-but-different scenarios, these conversations often circle around the same questions: 

“Is it time for me to focus on something else?” 

“Is it time for me to expand my interests and hobbies?” 

“Is something else calling me instead?” 

This month’s new moon arrives soon - on Tuesday, May 7 at 11:22pm Eastern Time. It joins up with benefic planets Venus and Jupiter in the same sign. 

My hope is that this new moon will bring a fresh perspective and a much-needed boost of optimism to anyone who is questioning their decisions or choices right now.

Taurus can teach us to bring a dream into reality. It can also help us to see what it is we’re working with.

That can be easier said than done. When I read for clients, I notice that sometimes, querents resist looking at the facts of the matter. Even when they have the necessary skills, support, or resources to take their next step, they almost go out of their way to ignore what’s right in front of them. 

This new moon encourages you to stop pushing your desires away. It encourages you to take an honest, practical look at what you know you need to do. 

I pulled a card for this week’s new moon and got the Eight of Cups from the Aquarian Tarot. The suit of cups corresponds to the element of water, which highlights what we are emotionally connected to. It is the bonds we make - and break. It is what we value beyond monetary worth.

The Eight of Cups depicts a difficult but necessary pivot away from what used to feel important. It reminds you that you don’t have to hold onto everything forever, even if it’s something that once meant the world to you. 

In the Eight of Cups you learn how to let go of something you wanted, and needed, even, so that you can become the next version of yourself. 

I feel like the energy of this new moon wants to show us a glimpse of what that might be: 

What wants to emerge in your life? What do you need to make more space for? 

What might require that you turn your attention away from what was, so that you can begin to see what is? 

These are some questions you might want to take with you as we begin a new lunar cycle. 

Happy new moon.

Until next time,


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