Answering relationship questions with tarot cards

When I first started reading tarot for other people, I was actually surprised at how many wanted to know about love.  

I thought I would be answering different types of questions about spiritual journeys and personal transformations.  

But I quickly realized how important relationships are to people, and how much is at stake when we are talking about love, commitment, loyalty and companionship.  

Some of the hardest questions I’ve had to answer as a tarot reader had to do with relationships.  

They can be really complicated. Especially if the people involved are cycling through a range of emotions: One day they’re on, another they’re off.  

Divining a clear answer about a relationship is not always easy to pin down when the people in question can’t be pinned down in the first place.  

Another challenge can arise when clients are impatient about the answer: They feel like they’ve already been waiting “long enough” for love and they don’t want to hear that this is not their year – again.  

Delivering those messages in a tarot reading can feel challenging to a reader. If you’ve been reading for others and have had questions like this, you might have felt pressured and put on the spot.  

While it’s important to be honest with querents about what you’re seeing so as not to offer false hope or misleading information, it’s also important to show compassion for how they feel.  

Relationship questions can be driven by fear, loneliness, and questions of self-worth. There can be pain and regret underneath them, too, as well as hope that things will work out for the best. 

This emotional mix makes these types of questions all the more delicate to handle.  

Everyone wants to feel loved, and everyone’s journey through their relationships is unique. Tarot readings will reflect that.  

If you’re ready to level-up your tarot skills and learn how to hold space for querents who are looking for insight and advice about their relationships, you might be interested in joining my Tarot Masterclass course on Work and Relationship Readings.  

It focuses on the two most popular topics querents ask about – love and career – and will help you build your proficiency to handle these questions as a tarot reader.  

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