Connecting to the right energy in a reading

One of the most common questions people have about reading tarot is, “How do I connect to the energy of the person I’m reading for?”

From my experience, there’s nothing special you need to do when you’re reading cards for someone else. Your tarot deck contains all kinds of answers and information.

Knowing how to read your cards is what’s important. You don’t need to psychically reach into your sitter for answers that are already present in a reading.

If you were doing a purely psychic reading, however, without any divinatory tools involved, the answer might be different.

But if your aim is to read cards, then that’s where your focus should be whenever you are interpreting a message.

When you are giving a reading, you don’t need to “connect” to someone else’s energy as though you’re hooking into them – all you need to is a listening ear and a willingness to communicate. Just like any other conversation, there is no special ritual you need to enter into to begin reading tarot.

Sometimes when I explain this to people, they get nervous: “Shouldn’t it be more complicated than that?” they wonder.

No, actually. And that’s part of the beauty of tarot reading: It can be simple and straightforward, yet still highly effective and powerful.

But esoteric culture tends to favour complexity – and so does human nature. If something feels too easy, we start to question whether we’re doing something wrong.

This all being said, it is important to establish boundaries when you’re reading for others. Those boundaries go both ways in protecting yourself, and your sitter.

And a big one starts with this idea that tarot readers are reading someone’s thoughts. Think of how it feels to be on the receiving end of a reading: Maybe you wondered if the reader could somehow see right through you, tapping into all of your secrets.

It’s an uncomfortable thought, isn’t it?

But it’s a common one. People are often nervous about tarot readings because they wonder if the reader will somehow access – or violate – their most personal mental spaces.

Which is why it’s also important to be clear about your processes as a reader. And be willing to share them with your sitters to help ease nerves.

And to let people know that you’re not crossing their personal boundaries, such as reading their minds or somehow seeing into their deepest, darkest secrets.

Your job as a tarot reader isn’t to hook your energy into someone else’s.

Instead, it’s to help someone find an answer to a question, or gain a new perspective. And doing so while helping that person feel safe, respected, and understood.

It’s also up to you to put up the appropriate boundaries – verbal and energetic – that keep your session clear and grounded, and not leaking into a sitter’s personal energy.

When you know your tarot deck inside and out, and are seasoned enough to answer a range of questions, you realize you don’t need to “connect” to someone else’s energy – the cards do the talking, and you do the translating.

Which is one of the things I teach more about in Taking Tarot to the Next Level.

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  • Connecting to your readings;
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  • And more.

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