How Is Intuition Supposed To Feel?

Intuition: So many of us say we want to develop it.

We chase after it in books and workshops. We learn tools like tarot in the pursuit to be more intuitive.

We do gut-checks when making major decisions and heed the advice to "follow your intuition."

But what does that mean, exactly? How is intuition supposed to feel?

And most importantly: What is it supposed to do?

Defining intuition can be as elusive as developing it.

Some people use intuition and psychic ability interchangeably – and whereas others don’t subscribe to psychic power at all, yet may still describe themselves as intuitive individuals.

Some people say it’s about having a certain instinct – making the right decisions if not every time, then at least most of the time.

That may take us along the lines of the belief that intuition is about perception – being able to feel out a situation, a person, or a room quickly and accurately. Or sensing that something within a conversation that isn’t being said.

I describe myself as an intuitive person, but I use that word cautiously. Because even I struggle to pin it down sometimes.

Maybe you have felt the same: That you are curious about intuition, and you believe in it, honour it, and work to develop it, but your definitions of it are like moving targets: As soon as you think you have it pinned down, you find a new angle or layer to intuition that gives it another dimension.

When I ask people why they want to learn tarot, one of the most common answers is "to develop my intuition." But when I ask what that means for someone, then the answers are more varied – and sometimes more vague.

So why don’t we put a pause on defining intuition, and instead spend some time focusing on what we hope to get out of having a more intuitive life?

Ask yourself: What do you expect of your intuition? What kind of work will you accomplish because of it? How will it make you better at who you are, or what you do?

I always say that intuition is like a muscle – you need to work at strengthening it to figure out just what it’s capable of. And like a muscle, it will be strong in some ways, and weak in others.

So how do I see my intuition working for me on a regular basis? Here are some examples of how I use my intuition most often:

1. In my writing. I think creativity and intuition go hand in hand. You get an idea and it’s like getting a hunch – that feeling that you’ve hit on something meaningful, rather than a passing thought. Your gut tells you to follow that idea, so you do.

2. In my business. Business is very intuitive – and I think a lot of people want to develop their intuition so they can have better instincts about work, negotiations, strategy, and investments. I follow my hunches a lot when it comes to the courses and workshops I create, the people I choose to work with, and the way I market and present my work.

3. In developing my own voice. There is so much advice out there about pretty much everything – how to build a career, run a business, have successful relationships. And I’ve been given a lot of advice over the years from friends, colleagues, and mentors.

But it’s my intuition that all of that advice gets measured against. And sometimes, no matter how logical someone’s guidance might be, a little voice inside has told me to do something different.

Having good, strong intuition can make you more creative, discerning, and clear.
And those are some of the most important reasons to develop your own intuition, I believe: To know yourself, and to know how and when to listen to your inner voice, versus someone else’s.

Otherwise, we can easily stray off our own paths and get lost in other people’s priorities, fears, beliefs, or perceptions.

What are your reasons for developing your intuition? If you’re not sure, then I encourage you to sit down some time this week and choose at least three ways you believe your intuition can help you.

Until next time,

Liz xo


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