How Long Does It Take to Learn Tarot?

“How long will it take to learn tarot?”

I often hear this question from new tarot students, and aspiring readers who want to go from beginner to pro fast.

Truthfully, there is no one answer to this. How long it takes to learn something like tarot depends on a lot of factors, such as:

⚡️ What your goals are as a tarot reader;

⚡️ How much time you put into learning; and

⚡️Your methods of study and practice.

I spent about 7 years studying, learning and practicing before I launched my tarot business.

To some, that might sound like an awfully long time. To others, it might not sound long at all - I know plenty of people who still consider themselves tarot beginners after studying for longer.

It's not a race and there is no definitive timeline to follow. How long it takes it relative to who you are, how you approach your tarot studies, and how proficient you become in your card reading skills.

I didn’t start out with business as an end goal, and that influenced my path - because I had no pressure to do anything other than learn tarot. I could just take my time.

I do think that patience is important when learning tarot, because it does take time to learn how to do this well.

And there is a lot to know, especially if you want to read for other people.

It’s also not a straight path: You might need to take several classes, find different teachers and gain different types of experience along the way.

One thing I have noticed is that there can be a tendency for new readers to rush the process - to go from zero to 100 overnight and become a tarot pro as fast as possible. Don’t take the journey for granted! When you are learning, you have the luxury of time and mistakes, and there are zero expectations placed upon you.

And tarot can also be a hobby ☺️

When you start taking on clients, things change - a lot. People are paying for specific skills and you don’t have room to second-guess yourself.

We can always be honing our craft and learning new things about tarot, even after years of study, but you can’t get those magical years back of being a newbie - and they are rich, exciting times. Enjoy the journey and take your time - there is no finish line and we all get to where we’re going at our own pace 💜


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