How to Make Sense of Predictive Readings

Predictive questions are some of the most common and popular types of tarot readings.

Especially if you read tarot for friends, family or clients. Mainstream perceptions of tarot are strong when it comes to connecting tarot to fortune-telling, or future-telling.

While some tarot readers prefer to avoid predictive readings altogether, there can be a time and place for them. And personally, I’ve done a ton of predictive readings for myself and others over the years.

Even though I do believe we can shape our futures and change our directions, there is still something helpful about getting a sense of where things are headed.

But it’s not always easy to get a clear prediction, or to make sense of what we’re seeing in our cards if we’re doing a future-oriented reading.

Here are some of the guidelines I follow when I’m doing predictive readings:

1. First, whenever I talk about predictions in tarot, I’m clear that I’m not looking for things names, dates, or places. I believe that tarot can show us where the energy of our lives is going, or what the possible outcome of something might be.

When you’re doing predictions in tarot, I recommend taking any pressure off yourself to give specific details about events or situations that may unfold. (Unless of course you’re getting a clear reading that speaks to that.)

Tarot can help us see the potential of something, but the future can be shaped by so many factors that we need to remember to look at our own intentions and actions to see what role we may play in what’s to come.

2. Examine the question. If a tarot reading feels like a struggle, there’s a good chance the issue is with the question, not the cards.

Questions like, “What’s coming up for me this year?” Or, “What can I expect in the next six months?” can feel broad and general and may not lend themselves well to specifics.

Expectations and goals need to be weighed out here. “What’s coming up for me this year?” could imply or assume that something will come up.

But what if there’s nothing eventful on the horizon? That can turn into a pretty boring reading.

And I have had that happen with clients before. Watch whether you’re assuming something is about to occur: There are times in your life when things might be quiet and routine.

We can’t force answers or exciting predictions, but we can ask a different question, such as, “What can I make happen this year?”

3. Consider the querent

Another thing to keep in mind is that the querent’s lifestyle, choices, ambitions, goals, hobbies and routines will play a role in their future, too.

Sometimes, predictive readings can feel quite passive. Especially if the querent is sitting back expecting to hear an itinerary of events that they can expect to take place.

Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Character is destiny,” and I often find that to be true. Whatever someone puts their energy into tends to be what they end up with.

Someone who stays busy with projects and plans may have a more dynamic tarot reading than someone who prefers to keep things as they are and doesn’t step outside of their current routine too often.

It doesn’t mean busy people can’t or won’t hit a lull, or that creatures of habit will never experience change. But generally, whatever we’re putting energy or effort into is what will manifest in our daily lives.

I always take this into consideration when doing predictive readings. Sometimes querents have high expectations that they will hear a load of juicy predictions in a reading, but in my experience, tarot tends to reflect a person’s energy and intentions most of all.

4. Predictions are not always about tangible events

Remember that predictions can be anything: Tarot might speak to someone having a personal breakthrough or a new idea, or a change of heart or strong feeling about something.

It can show a certain theme predominating in someone’s life, or a change in the air.

Do you see a lot of the same types of cards? Are most of the cards easy, or challenging? Is there a strong pattern emerging?

Looking at the full picture of a reading may help to see where the energy of your life is headed.

But when you’re asking for open-ended predictions, you need to be ready for anything – including a change that starts from within.

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Until next time,

Liz xo



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