Is Tarot for Entertainment Only?

Every so often I close my calendar and take time off from one-on-one readings. This gives me breathing room in my practice, and I come back clearer about how I want to use tarot when I am working with clients.

Recently, after taking a longer hiatus than usual, I got clearer than ever about what my work aims to do - which is not to entertain, but to inform, guide and support.

I know that depending on where you live, a reader may be required by law to say that tarot is for “entertainment purposes only.” Which is something we may need to say for optics, but does not necessarily align with a personal truth.

I used to do a lot of tarot parties and had awesome experiences that way, but also had some terrible ones where people really did expect me to be the entertainment for the night.

Some people want their tarot readers to be entertaining. They want the esoteric to provide recreation, not reality.

But that’s not all that my work is about, and I know the same goes for many of my peers. We don’t use our tools as forms of escapism because that would be out of line with the communities we serve.

Sometimes I've shown up for events and quickly realized that people were not going to take me seriously. Other times, I've been able to pick up on that before booking an event. Warning signs include event hosts who ask if I "come in costume," or want to know if I mind sharing a booth with a magician.

When I read tarot, I want people to be open and respectful. I believe tarot can be playful and fun, but I don't want my work to be seen as a joke.

And sometimes, when people hire me as an entertainer, that's what it feels like. 

Which is why, moving forward, I'm going to be much clearer about what my services entail. And if people are looking for pure entertainment, I will point them elsewhere. 

Until next time,

Liz xo


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