My Favourite Tarot Questions When You’re Not Sure What to Ask

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck on asking the same few questions whenever you pull out your tarot cards?

Like anything else, tarot can get stale over time. It’s not unusual for readers to get a bit bored or feel disconnected to tarot, no matter how much they love it.

We are human, after all, and tarot is like any other relationship. Sometimes we feel deeply aligned and in flow, and other times we might feel as though we’ve grown apart.

Over the years, I’ve had numerous moments where I craved tarot and was compelled to give myself a reading. But when I sat down with my cards, I realized I wasn’t sure why I felt that, or what I wanted to read on.

We don’t always have to go over the same topics or types of questions with tarot. There are popular go-to questions like, “What should I focus on right now?” Or, “What do I need to know right now?” that aren’t bad inquiries on their own.

But like anything else, they can feel stagnant, especially if they’re overused.

Not only that, but if those questions don’t feel relevant or necessary, there’s not much sense in reading on them. (For example, you might know exactly what you have to be focusing on right now, so why bother asking?)

If you’re ever feeling stuck or stagnant with your tarot questions, here are a few of my favourite approaches to help bring in more fun, creativity, and play into your tarot readings:

1. Think of your favourite fictional character from a book, movie or TV show. Imagine their life continues on in their fictional world. Do a reading about that with a question like, “What is my favourite fictional character up to these days?”

2. Talk to your tarot deck. Ask it what kinds of things it likes to do: “What types of questions do you enjoy answering?” Or, “What do you enjoy helping with most?”

3. On that note, if you have favourite objects around your home, why not ask their origin stories? This is especially fun if you have any vintage or antique items: “What kind of home did you live in before?” Or, “Tell me about your previous owner.”

4. If you’re an artist or maker, ask about what you can create next: “What kind of project is waiting for me?” Or, “What source of inspiration should I work from?”

5. Make note of any interesting dreams you’ve had recently. Explore their meaning or symbolism through your cards: “What did this dream signify for me?”

Next up, I’ll offer a few suggestions for helping to reframe questions from querents who might need help making the most of their tarot readings with you.

Until then,

Liz xo


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