Navigating Relationship Questions in Tarot

When I first started reading tarot for other people, I was actually surprised at how many wanted to know about love.

I thought I would be answering different types of questions about spiritual journeys and personal transformations.

But I quickly realized how important relationships are to people, and how much is at stake when we are talking about love, commitment, loyalty and companionship.

Some of the hardest questions I’ve had to answer as a tarot reader had to do with relationships.

They can be really complicated. Especially if the people involved are cycling through a range of emotions: One day they’re on, another they’re off.

Divining a clear answer about a relationship is not always easy to pin down when the people in question can’t be pinned down in the first place.

Another challenge can arise when clients are impatient about the answer: They feel like they’ve already been waiting “long enough” for love and they don’t want to hear that this is not their year – again.

Every relationship is unique, and every relationship reading will reflect that. But I have gathered some tried-and-true perspectives that have helped me be a guide to my clients who are looking for love:

A tarot reading doesn’t speak on anyone’s behalf. Some of the hardest relationship questions have come from people who are in love with someone unattainable or unavailable. Yet they bring hope that a tarot reading will tell them otherwise.

No matter what the cards indicate, it cannot profess someone’s love on their behalf. Feelings must be mutual and effort reciprocal for a relationship to start.

Relationships are not linear. I have met so many clients who feel pressure to be something by a certain age. And if they don’t have specific boxes checked – the career, the marriage, the kids, the house – according to an arbitrary timeline, they feel like they are falling behind.

I was with my husband for 10 years before we finally got married. We didn’t live together until we were seven years into our relationship. Neither of us stressed that we were taking too long. There was no grand design behind it. Life unfolds in its own ways, on its own timelines.   

Romantic relationships are not the only relationships that matter. Sometimes, it’s important to reflect on why we’re so focused on love: What are we seeking? What are we hoping to contribute to another person’s life?

And what are the relationships that need tending to in the meantime? In readings, I have seen relationship messages that go far beyond romantic ones. Friends, family, and community matter, too.

So does the relationship we have with ourselves.

If you struggle to put boundaries around relationship readings with your clients, or you need help navigating tricky relationship questions, my Tarot Masterclass is now open. And it purely focuses on work and relationship readings – the two biggies in tarot.

Hope to see you in class.

Until next time

Liz xo


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