One thing you can do every day to reach your goals

I have a lot of goals.

I’ve always been one to make bucket lists, New Year’s lists, to-do lists, constantly keeping an eye on the short and long-term.

So often, I’ve look at other people who see to be moving towards their dreams and would ask, “How do you it all?”

For years I felt like I was living a double-life: I wrote three books in six years, all while working 35 hours a week on top of it.

It definitely wasn’t easy, because of course I didn’t just have work and writing to focus on. I also had to take care of myself with the small things – groceries, laundry, errands – and maintain my relationships, and find some down time here and there.

But I’ve learned a lot about prioritizing, staying focused, and being realistic about my needs vs. my ideals.

These days, there is one thing I do to make sure I keep moving towards my goals on a daily basis: Before I get ready to go to bed, I write down my three most important things to do the next day.

Sometimes these priorities will be things that have a deadline, like creating a tarot spread for a client. Other times, these priorities might be to write a new blog post or a new chapter in my novel. Whatever they are, they all need to support my highest goals and visions.

And whatever ends up on my list, I always make sure that my three top priorities get my main focus. Why three? Because I’ve found that anything more than that, and you’ll either feel rushed, or you’ll end up working way later than you should. (What good are you if you’re burning yourself out? Trust me, I’ve been there, too.)

Writing down my Top 3 also helps to wake up with a clear, focused plan. That way, there’s less overwhelm and less potential for distraction, because I know exactly what’s on my plate for the day.

But I’ve also used a lot of other little tricks throughout the years to make sure I can keep crossing off my to-do lists.

One rule I lived by for years was, “before you do anything, make sure you start the day having done something for yourself.” This developed a few years ago, when I was writing my first novel. I started getting up an hour earlier and I would work on my book before going to work.

That way, no matter what happened to me throughout the day, I could feel confident that I’d already done what I felt was most important to me. I wrote two books this way.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Until next time,

Liz xo 


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