Tarot, choices and the importance of free will

How are you? October was a big month for me. After the stillness of the last few years, this autumn has felt like life has really come roaring back in so many ways.

I had the opportunity to read tarot at some great Halloween parties, and also at the closing party of Likely General, a shop where I read every Sunday for two years. I loved having that residency and loved part of the community that had grown around that store.

Likely General closed its doors at the end of October, and I’m glad I could be there one last time to offer a few tarot readings as we all said goodbye to the space.

One of the things I found myself reiterating throughout my readings in October was that we have choices in life.

Whenever I read at events, I know I am going to have some nervous sitters on my hands. People are often curious about tarot. When they see a tarot reader in the corner at a party, they might decide that today’s the day they’re going to finally give tarot a try.

But it’s also normal for some sitters to be scared: They’re afraid of bad news or disappointment. Or they’re influenced by pop culture’s references to tarot readings as being darkly prophetic, full or warnings and riddles.

It’s important to remind querents that they have choices in their lives. Regardless of what a tarot reading tells them, they have free will to choose other paths.

They can change their minds. They can change their lives.

And of course, these choices extend far beyond whatever they might be considering within the span of a tarot reading.

But I often notice that people are sometimes surprised when I tell them this. Sometimes that might be due to their preconceived notions of tarot being only about fate and prophecy.

Other times, though, it’s because no one has told them this in a long time.

People become worn down by everyone else’s advice. You never know what someone is going through: Maybe they don’t have anyone who advocates for their ideas. Maybe they’ve been taught to put their needs aside of everyone else’s.

Maybe they had controlling parents growing up. Or they’ve never learned how to take their own aspirations seriously.

Whatever the reasons may be, I think we can all relate to these feelings at some point. We all face moments in our lives when we feel stuck, or unsure of what our options are. Or, we feel as though we have no options and are resigned to our lot in life.

Sometimes the most important thing I can tell a querent is, “You have choices.”

And if anyone doubts me, I can back it up by showing them that choice and agency are built into tarot’s imagery. I see choice as a storyline in so many of the cards, like the Lovers the, Seven of Cups, the Four of Cups, and the Two of Pentacles to name a few.

The options we have may not always be exactly what we want: Sometimes our circumstances are not ideal, and we may not have total control over every situation we’re in.

But tarot, I believe, supports choice and freedom of though regardless of the constraints we face. Finding those choices within a reading can be the beginning of a new chapter, big or small.

If you are feeling like you are at a crossroads right now and you’re wondering which path to choose, or how to just get moving in the first place, my calendar is open for tarot readings. My readings are action-oriented so that you can make good use of the tarot’s messages. Learn more here.

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