The Pros + Cons of Predictive Readings

This is the time of year when general, look-ahead readings become really popular. 

Everyone wants to know what’s coming up in the New Year:  

“Do you see love in my future?”  

“Do you see my changing jobs?”  

“Do you see if I will receive any unexpected opportunities?”   

Overall, these are pretty common questions that people bring to tarot readers all year round – regardless of the calendar date. But there’s something about the turning of the calendar that really ramps up these questions. 

Everyone wants something to look forward to. A New Year inspires fresh hope and optimism that a turning point is around the corner.  

And predictive readings can help to build that hope and anticipation for what’s to come.  

But there’s also something very passive about these types of questions. Predictions can keep people waiting and wondering when and how a meaningful life change will occur.  

In reality, though, many things that people are hoping to experience require action, not passivity.  

Helping people take action is one of the things that I feel tarot readings are best suited for. And when tarot readings become gateways for change, it helps tarot evolve beyond the long-held misconception that readings are only about the future.  

Predictions can have their time and place, but wouldn’t you rather know how to make something happen rather than sitting around waiting for it to come to you?   

That’s why I encourage a more intentional approach to tarot throughout the year. When querents ask things like, “Will I move?” Or, “Will I leave my job?” I’m curious to know:  

“What do you want to do?”  

I want to know where the querent is amidst all of their questions: What is standing in between them and their desired path?  

Just because it’s a New Year doesn’t mean we automatically get a whole new life.  

You’re still you: Bringing the same passions, habits, quirks, and desires forward.  

Sometimes the things we hope to achieve can’t be met until we address certain mindsets or circumstances first. If predictions promise great things, or spell doom and gloom, without addressing the root of how something can unfold or be avoided, then readings are not setting a firm foundation for a querent to stand on. 

Which is why I always encourage anyone who is getting a tarot reading to choose an intention for something they would like to learn or resolve within the session. Even if it’s just one thing, big or small, it provides something that we can work towards together in the reading.  

And if you are thinking about what’s ahead for you in 2024 and want me to take a look at how you can make progress with an important goal, I’d love to offer you a Strategic Tarot Reading. These are limited-edition email readings that will give you a tarot-inspired strategy for 2024.  

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