A tarot spread to discover your unique advantages

Tarot is an interesting tool because whatever we take into ourselves – our influences, beliefs, experiences, and knowledge – can become a new lens through which to filter the cards.

No matter how many outside ideas you learn about tarot…

No matter how many different tarot meanings you try to take in…

No matter how many different approaches you take here…

Every reading you do will go through you own point of view.

And that is something that is built through all kinds of experiences and perspectives.

Our experiences give each of us a unique vantage point from which we stand. If you read tarot, or you’re learning how, it helps to reflect on your personal advantages and how they might influence your readings, or allow you to connect with querents. 

It can be influenced by different jobs you’ve had:

Work gives us all kinds of skills. Many jobs help with people skills, and if you want to read for others, then it helps to be open and conversational.

Another example might be in administrative tasks that help with attention to detail, which is great when looking at cards.

Work might also help with endurance or commitment – qualities that you might call on to inspire a querent who’s struggling to follow through. Or they might inspire you to stick to tarot when the path feels rough (which it sometimes can).

Creativity is another advantage some people might have. Being open to imagination, inspiration, or channeled ideas can help with intuitive hits, or assist in putting together an interpretation when looking at a disparate series of tarot images.

The relationships we have – both good and bad – give us compassion when we read for others who are heart sick or lonely.

The ups and downs we run into throughout our lives all add up to our own personal wisdom – a mix that no one else has, but that someone might need from you.

This week, I encourage you to reflect on what kind of perspective you have as you look out from your unique vantage point.

What kinds of lessons have you gathered for yourself?

What have you learned about love, work, money, stability, endurance, resilience and more over the years?

What kinds of hobbies, talents, interests, or skills do you have that have built your character, or given you a certain amount of patience, appreciation, or discipline?

If it helps to pull a few cards, you might want to explore this self-inquiry further with the following spread:

1. What is one unique vantage point I have?
2. How does it shape me?
3. How can I use it to help others?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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