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One thing that tarot readers have in common is how much time we’ve spent developing our skills.

It’s not unusual for spiritual practitioners of all types to spend years training. Many of us consider ourselves life-long students of our craft, always learning and going deeper into esoteric studies.

It’s also not uncommon for us to invest heavily in programs, courses and trainings over the years. If we can’t always afford to take a class, we make up for that in books, blogs, podcasts, and more.

Of course, we know it’s not really about the monetary investment behind a skill set that adds value to their work.

That comes from practice, experience, and ability. Which often is gained from the sheer amount of time, energy, and practice that goes into learning and then integrating acquired knowledge.

There are a lot of amazing tarot readers out there who are walking around with priceless spiritual knowledge within them.

But when it comes to getting their work out there, I see so many tarot readers struggling.

It doesn’t always matter how good they are at social media, or even if they’re on social media at all.

It doesn’t make a difference if they’ve even been interviewed on a podcast, or how slick their website is.

And regardless of how much amazing feedback they’ve gotten from clients, or what those readers are capable of helping with… their businesses just don’t seem to grow.

And sometimes they don’t really get off the ground at all.


Because if you want to make a business work, you need to stop thinking like a tarot reader and start thinking like a business owner.

What do I mean by that? 

If you’re good at what you do, but you’re struggling to make your business work, you might wonder…

Will taking another tarot class help me?

Do I need to learn a new modality or tool to be able to give more?

Will I attract more clients if I start doing more daily card readings on social media, or start a YouTube channel to talk about tarot?

What if I do a tarot reading to help strategize my business this year?

You probably don’t need more tarot, or more spiritual tools to add to your services.

The answer to a business problem is probably not found in another workshop or spiritual retreat. 

If trainings and credentials aren’t translating into more clients, or more money in your bank account, then the problem isn’t for a lack of skills.

At some point, you have to take a step back from our own studies and spiritual pursuits and spend time learning how to be a business owner instead.

That means developing a specific mindset that will help you succeed.

And help you feel confident about the value of your work.

And help you attract clients who get it: Who take you seriously and who don’t need to be convinced of the value you offer.

You can burn abundance candles all day long, but giving yourself the business know-how you need will pay off a lot more.

Business mindset comes from setting the right foundation and structure for your work: And you won’t learn that in a tarot course.

But if traditional business courses don’t feel like the right fit for you, I get that, too. Tarot reading is a unique line of work with specific challenges and expectations we don’t find in other industries.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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