What people will remember about your tarot readings

A lot can happen within the span of a tarot reading.

Like any conversation, a reading might cover all kinds of territory within a short period of time. You might start out with one question, and then quickly move to another once the answer is clear.

Or you might meander along the same discussion from start to finish, digging deep into a single issue.

Sometimes readings offer so much information that it’s hard to keep up. Other times, the message might be succinct but circular, as though all signs lead back to the same answer.

When you’re on the receiving end of a tarot reading, the experience can be exciting and fascinating, but also overwhelming.

When you’re the one delivering the reading, you might feel a lot of pressure to capture every detail there is, and to be as clear, helpful, and relevant as possible.

And all of those are good, important aims when we’re reading for others.

It’s also important not to lose sight of what your querents – whether they are friends or paying clients – will most likely remember from your readings.

Because the reality is, most of us don’t remember every single detail of a conversation we’ve had, and the same goes for readings.

Sure, people want to be wowed and dazzled by tarot. And there will be times when those big, exciting intuitive hits become memorable moments.

But in my experience, tarot’s magic is often much more subtle, intimate, and personal.

I’ve had a number of repeat clients say things like, “I don’t remember what we talked about last time, but I remember it was helpful.”  

Querents won’t likely recall every sentence you spoke, or the exact words you used. They might not always remember the great advice, insights, or predictions you offered.

But they will remember how you made them feel seen and heard. And that you listened to them without interrupting.

They will remember that you didn’t make them feel judged or ashamed when they shared a secret with you that no one else knows about.

They will remember that you planted seeds of hope and possibility, rather than doubt or discouragement, when they shared a big dream.

They will remember that you made them feel like things might actually turn out all right.

They will remember that you were the first person who showed them compassion when the rest of the world seemed cold and unkind.

And they will remember that you didn’t downplay their concerns, but instead tried to understand them when no one else could.

Those are the things people will remember more than anything.

And hopefully, these are all reasons that inspire you to continue on this path, even when perfectionism and the pressure to perform cast moments of doubt upon your journey.

So I invite you to ask yourself: What do you want your querents to remember you for this year?

Until next time,

Liz xo  

p.s. If you want to build a deeper connection to your intentions as a tarot reader, I invite you to download my free meditation to help.


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