When tarot reminds you to rest

I’ve been knee-deep in one-on-one readings this month and it’s been a wonderful state to be in.

Reading tarot isn’t always easy, though: It takes a lot of concentration and care. Readers see and hear a lot. We help to move energy in people’s lives. It takes a lot of time to sit with it all, but there is also great gratitude that comes with this path.

One of the things I have come to learn through my work is that tarot isn’t always pushing you towards a big change.

Often, clients come in for readings expecting to hear that something major is about to occur. Or that they have some kind of big opportunity on the horizon.

And there’s nothing wrong with wanting change, or working towards it, especially if you feel like you’re ready for a new experience in your life.

But sometimes we have to remember that things might be OK just as they are right now.

Our lives all go through different seasons. Sometimes there are seasons of change, and others of stillness.

In readings, though, we often want the big, juicy messages. We want to hear that something cool and new is heading our way.

And yet sometimes, readings don’t give you that. Instead, they tell you that it’s okay for you to just be where you are right now.

And they remind you that it’s okay to stop pushing yourself towards your next level. That next phase will come in time, but you might need to conserve your energy for it in the interim.

And readings can also remind you that life is not about constant striving. That you don’t always have to prove yourself to anyone else. You can just be as you are, whatever that is right now.

Tarot can be about change, but that’s not all it covers. And that might be something helpful for other readers to remember, too: That it’s not our job to force a reading to take a certain direction, but instead to honour the information that’s available as it comes.

Sometimes, we need to stop and rest and reflect in support of our own growth. Even though it might not feel as productive to let things be doesn’t mean that you are not still learning, changing, and moving forward.

It’s just happening at a different speed, and in a different shape than you might expect it to.

What might you learn when you let yourself be instead of constantly jumping from one phase of life to the next?

You might reconnect with parts of yourself that don’t get much attention.

You might realize you don’t need to be chasing goals all the time to be happy.

And you might realize you’re chasing things that you don’t really want.

Sometimes what we think we’re supposed to be doing in life isn’t what’s actually right for us, or relevant to where we’re at.

Sometimes, tarot can disrupt our expectations and assumptions about what we’re supposed to doing, and where we are supposed to be.

And that’s okay.

Stay open to the seasons of your life. They may not always match the rhythms that society wants you to follow.

They might also not match the places you assume you’re supposed to be in.

Let yourself tune back into you and trust that every phase and stage of your life – even the quiet ones – hold something important for you.

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