Why I’m Not Writing about Astrology as Much Anymore

astrology Dec 17, 2020

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you might have noticed I haven’t been writing about astrology as much I used to.

I started this newsletter over five years ago as a place to talk about tarot cards and lunar cycles. It didn’t begin as a weekly mailing, but eventually it grew to that.

Along the way, I began to expand to write about more than the moon. Eventually, my newsletter grew to share weekly astrological updates.

But throughout that time, I started to lose one of my original intentions: tarot.

Throughout this last year, I’ve felt limited by astrology. Not by the practice itself, but by the pressure to keep up the astrological conversation here week after week.

Astrology is fascinating, but it’s always changing: Our universe is in constant motion. Writing about astrology requires timeliness, as its relevance can come and go in a matter of days, weeks, or months.

As a writer, this is frustrating. I was starting to feel like some of my work was disposable, quickly rendered irrelevant with every new transit to keep up with. It renders my writing ephemeral, impermanent.

I started to ask myself: What would I rather write about? What kind of knowledge can I share that will be as useful to someone reading it today as it will be to them in a year from now?

How can I make my work more permanent?

Another reason I started to feel limited by my astrological newsletters is that while I love astrology, I love tarot even more.

Except that I don’t dedicate as much time to sharing my tarot knowledge here as I’d like to, because I’ve felt committed to delivering my astrological updates.

I have to take back some of my headspace to write more about tarot. I have an astrology column with FLARE magazine and I don’t need to be duplicating the work I’m doing there through a weekly newsletter, too.

But the other reason I’m shifting my focus a bit is that I just don’t feel as inspired to write about astrology as much as I used. Astrology’s popularity has exploded in the last few years and it seems like everyone is writing about astrology now – whether they’re astrologers or not.

It’s been hard for me to feel like my voice is being used to the best of my ability when I’m just one of many, many, many people writing about Mercury retrograde (again). Or sending out updates for every new and full moon – and then knowing you’re getting 20 emails from other service providers about the exact same thing.

But don’t get me wrong: It’s amazing to see these practices become so widely embraced. But there are a lot of people covering the same topics out there and I have so much more I can share outside of astrology.

And of course, astrology isn’t everything. Sometimes I see people get so wrapped up in astrology that they seem to forget there are many other factors influencing their lives. I want to broaden the conversations I’m able to have through my writing in a way that feels more holistic.

Not that I’m quitting astrology altogether. I have new horoscopes up at FLARE and I invite you to check them out if you haven’t already.

And I’ll still be offering astrology readings as my availability allows, and writing about astrology here, too – but when I’m called to do so, not when I feel obligated by it.

I have so much more to say than just about what’s happening in the skies. I want to bring my writing back to focus more on tarot, especially since so many other tarot readers receive this newsletter.

I also want to give you practical, spiritual practices that you can use in your day-to-day life. I get so many questions from people about how to manage their time, make more room for their passions, and how to feel more aligned with who they are.

So stay tuned for more tips, spiritual insights, tarot spreads, and stories that I’m dying to tell you about: like the time I worked on a psychic hotline (and whether or not I recommend other tarot readers give it a try).

I’m looking forward to connecting with you in the weeks to come.

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me.

Until next time,

Liz xo


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