Why We Love Stories About Change

I used to follow a blogger who went onto become quite famous in the self-help industry.

I fell in love with stories she shared about breaking away from “what no longer served” her.

Reading that blog led me to look for similar people and stories.

Any time I read about someone who was quitting their job, closing their business, or moving to another country, I felt excited.

And inspired.

I hungered for people who were making big changes and taking huge leaps of faith.

I got a rush when I heard that someone was no longer taking clients. Or when they were going on sabbatical.

There is something exciting about the idea of breaking free and starting fresh.

I notice that I crave these kinds of stories when I’m craving change.

What we look for in the world to influence us is often a reflection of what we need to experience for ourselves.

We live in an intensely goal-oriented society. We learn a lot about aim and achievement. But we lack lessons in boredom, fatigue, and transition.

We don’t always know what to do when we’ve reached the end of an ambition.

And it’s not always easy to let go, especially if you’re moving on from a place you worked hard to get to.

The stories we gravitate towards are a sign of what it is we’re looking to learn within ourselves.

While I still get excited every time I see someone making big moves in their life, my craving for these reflections has waned over time. I’m in a period in my life where I’m not yet ready to move into a new chapter. But when I am, I expect I’ll be preparing myself for it by finding renewal in other people’s decisions.

What kinds of stories are you drawn to right now?

Are you seeking reflections of change? If so, what kind of transformation is beneath the surface of that for you?

And if it’s not change you’re looking for, then where does your attention go during the day, and what is that telling you?

What kind of energy or experience do you need?

These are all questions you can explore on your own, or through tarot.

They’re also inquiries you can use while reading for others, especially if someone is feeling unsure of where to begin, or how to articulate a quiet desire.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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