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Create Your Own Grimoire Workshop
BETWIXT & BETWEEN: Online Tarot Conference
October 16, 2021

I'm thrilled to be teaching a new tarot class this October that will show you how to use tarot create your own grimoire.

My class is part of an awesome online event called Betwixt & Between, which features an amazing all-day lineup of diviners.
Dive deep into eight unique workshops that help you experience first hand how to use tarot for the kinds of magic needed in these times. 
The conference will be recorded and accessible up to November 12, 2021.

Presenters include Nancy Antenucci, Meg Miller, JoAnne Makela, Carolyn Rush, Nell Morningstar, Sam Lofgren, and James Wells.

Get all the details and registration info here.
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Tarot for Ritual and Spellcraft: Halloween Weekend Workshop! 

Learn how to create your own rituals and spells directly from the imagery and elements of the tarot.

These techniques will strengthen your creative and intuitive connections to tarot by pushing you to see beyond card meanings and tap into the rich symbolism and wisdom tarot has to offer. 

Presented at a jam-packed online event featuring 22 workshops, presentations and more from some of the industry's best diviners. Details and tickets are here.

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Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference (NEW DATE)

March 4-6, 2022
Kingston, Ontario

I'm thrilled to be part of an amazing line-up at this much-loved Canadian conference, where I'll be joining Lori Lytle and Andrew McGregor for this year's presentations. 

What will I be teaching, you're wondering? Tarot and Tutelary Spirit Companions. If you have you ever wondered how working with spirits can improve your tarot practice, this is the class for you: I will teaching an exciting technique that will enhance your tarot, Lenormand or Oracle card skills and help you build a bridge to the spirit world.

This class is an exclusive teaching for this conference, so the only way to catch this (along with the amazing classes Lori and Andrew are offering) is to be there in person.

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