12 guided meditations to help you connect directly to the energies of each New Moon

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Do you crave more connection with the Moon’s rhythms?

Do you want to build your intuition, set stronger intentions, and deepen your spiritual connection?

Every month brings us a New Moon, a time when you can open to new opportunities, healing, and transformation.

We can tap into the Moon’s power to set our intentions, start new beginnings, and bring fresh energy into every area of our lives.

The Moon is one way you can connect to your soul, your intuition, and your deepest sense of purpose.

It’s where your magic happens.

My New Moon Meditations series was designed to help you connect with the specific energies of each lunar cycle, month after month.

Whether you have been working with the Moon’s energy for years, or are just learning about the Moon’s significance, these meditations will help you connect directly with the Moon’s potency.

What can these meditations help you with? Here are some examples of how satisfied customers have used them: 

Do you...

πŸŒ™ Desire to create, write, or express yourself more, but lack clarity or confidence to do so?

πŸŒ™ Want to work at removing blocks or barriers you experience in your personal or professional relationships?

πŸŒ™ Want to connect to your voice more often so that you feel heard, seen and respected?

Then New Moon Meditations were made for you - and the whole collection is only $33!

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What's Included in the Collection:

  • 12 downloadable meditations for each New Moon of the year;
  • These recordings can be used year after year - they are not connected to specific dates; 
  • A 20+ page PDF workbook and user guide that includes affirmations, suggested crystals, candle colours, and more for each New Moon.
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