3 Signs You Might Not Be Ready For a Tarot Reading

It is my belief that tarot is for everyone, and that it can be beneficial in many situations when used appropriately.

Like any tool, it will only work she applied with the proper skill and intention.

If you are getting a tarot reading, your emotional and intellectual perspective will also play a role in how that reading goes. It’s important to be in an open state of mind, ready to receive information.

I have had clients in the past who were clearly not ready for tarot and sometimes, I have had to cut sessions short because querents were so nervous or scared.

As a tarot reader, I won’t always know where you are at emotionally when you book an appointment. It is up to you to know whether you are ready and willing to give tarot a try.

Here are 3 signs you might not be ready for a reading:

1. You have immense guilt about it, to the point where you can’t enjoy your reading. I once had a client break down in tears because they felt like they were going against their religion by seeing me. (Side note: tarot is not evil nor against God, but that is for another post...)

If you have strong, conflicted feelings about tarot, take your time to work them out first - tarot isn’t going anywhere.

2. You need answers yesterday. If you’re in a major jam, tarot might not always be the fastest route to take. Its answers can be reflective and its medicine can be slow. Going in with expectations that one reading will fix everything is not good for you, or your reader.

3. You are so afraid of what a reading will say that you read between the lines, or think your tarot reader is hiding something bad from you. Be careful about bringing suspicion into your reading.

I have seen clients really psych themselves out and leave a reading feel more wound up than when they came in - all because they weren’t ready to hear positive or helpful messages.

The energy we bring into ANYTHING we do has an impact. Tarot isn’t supposed to be scary, but mainstream misperceptions have led people to believe otherwise.

It’s up to you to know what you are ready for, what you can handle. And to do your research beforehand. 

Until next time,

Liz xo


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