Breaking free of the greatest tarot myth of all

There are tons of tarot myths out there.

But don’t believe everything you hear.

Because it’s not all true. And not everything you hear about tarot is helpful, either.

You want to know which myth I wish would disappear?

The belief that tarot readings have to complicated in order to be accurate.  

There is something within our human nature that likes it when things feel hard.

So we go for the really complex, multi-layered tarot spreads.

Or we search for overly complicated tarot techniques, believing that that is where the answer to life’s mysteries exists.

Life is complicated enough.

Tarot doesn’t have to be.

I truly believe – no, I know – that the most powerful tarot readings don’t come from complicated techniques or approaches.

In fact, I think that the more convoluted tarot gets, the harder it can be to get to the heart of the answer you’re seeking.

I always come back to three main principles in my card readings:

  • What is the question?
  • What is the context?
  • Which cards have shown up?

That’s it: Straightforward and to the point.

I take this approach because I learned that, through reading for other people, the techniques you use in a reading don’t really matter.

People you’re reading for don’t care how many fancy techniques you know. They don’t care if you read reversals or not. Or whether you use correspondences to planets, zodiac signs or the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

What people care about is whether you can help them find an answer to their questions.

People come to tarot for clarity, guidance, and new perspectives.

They don’t come for the techniques.

So if you’re feeling unfocused, or pressured to go out and learn every tarot spread under the sun, and memorize every type of tarot correspondence, or figure out reversals…let this be your permission slip to let go of all that.

Can you study those things? Of course. Your tarot practice is yours to shape.

But if you want to read tarot for practical, every day use…

If you want to read tarot for yourself or others, and be able to answer all kinds of questions…

If you want to be able to just look down at your cards and know exactly what to say…

Then focus on my three priorities in tarot: Question, context, and cards.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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