Don’t skip this step when you’re learning tarot

If there’s one thing that gets overlooked most when it comes to learning tarot, it’s this:

Your why.

Why do you want to learn tarot?

What do you believe it will do for you?

What do you want to use it for?

What do you hope to be able to gain from the experience?

There can be any number of reasons to learn tarot. You may have several answers to each of these questions, or just one or two.

There is no right or wrong. There is no ideal reason, no purpose that is better than any other.

But to have a purpose behind learning tarot can really help you to figure out what to focus on, which classes to take, books to read, or techniques to understand.

For example: If you want to read tarot for other people, then it will for you to focus on being able to answer a wide range of questions. I always say that if you read for others, you need to be ready for anything that might come up.

Developing tarot skills that help you be flexible, adaptable, and fluid in your tarot readings is key there.

Or maybe you want to learn tarot in order to help yourself through its insight and guidance. Tarot provides answers, clarity, and a new perspective. If you’ve used it already, you’ve probably noticed that tarot doesn’t tell you much that you don’t already know – but that can be very affirming. It’s like getting a second opinion, or a hit of validation.

Or maybe you might have goals of becoming a professional reader one day. You see tarot as something that can help others find meaning, and you’d love to learn how to show up for your community as a leading tarot reader.

Whatever your reasons are for learning tarot, I would love for you to join me in Tarot Foundations. The goal of this fundamentals program is to give you tarot skills that can last a lifetime and help you become a well-rounded, adaptable tarot reader.

"I was reluctant to spend this much money on a course for something that is a hobby for me, but it has definitely been worth it. I've learned SO much more that I ever have from reading books and surfing the information that's on the web. Liz's teaching style is so practical, very down-to-earth. She stuck to the fundamentals, made it relatable and therefore easy to remember and apply. I look forward to continuing my tarot journey with a new level of confidence." - Anna

And when you enroll by September 27, you’ll get access to something I’ve never offered before: A weekly tarot development circle. For 12 weeks, we’ll meet for practice, Q&A, and exercises that will help you build upon and integrate what you’re learning in Tarot Foundations.

Ready to begin? Register here.

~ Liz


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