How to Maximize Your Year-Ahead Tarot Readings

tarot readings tarot tips Dec 27, 2021

The New Year can be one of the busiest times for tarot readings.

Everyone wants to know what’s coming up in the months ahead:

“Will this be the year I find love?”

“Will my business be more profitable?”

“Will I move or change jobs?”

Overall, these are pretty common questions that people bring to tarot readers all year round – regardless of the calendar date.

Which is why I started to encourage a more intentional approach to New Year’s readings. When querents ask things like, “Will I move?” Or, “Will I leave my job?” I’m curious to know:

“What do you want to do?”

Even though the energy of a new year feels so fresh and exciting, I’ve learned that life is a lot more exciting if you’re going out there and making things happen, rather than waiting to see what pops up.

A new calendar year is a great time to feel like you’ve got a blank canvas to work with.

You can stand there waiting for a drop of colour to fall across that canvas. If you’re lucky, a clearer picture might emerge.

Or, you could pick up a paint brush and start to fill it in yourself, painting the life you’re hoping to live. (Or at least working to create a reasonable facsimile.)

Sometimes year-ahead readings can feel too passive if they’re overly focused on a list of predictions: “Well, first this can happen, and then this, and then that…”

Where is the querent in it all? What do they want? What do they need to change in order for something new to take shape?

I’ve written this before, but I’m going to bring it back today: Just because it’s a New Year doesn’t mean you get a whole new life. You’re still you: Bringing the same passions, habits, quirks, and desires forward.

And just because it’s a New Year doesn’t mean everything a reading reveals will happen exactly within a calendar year, either.

Which is why I think it’s important to remember a few tips about New Year’s tarot readings:

  1. Some of what we see or learn from a tarot reading might be just the beginning of a bigger journey.

  2. Some of what begins in the New Year might not grow the way we plan it to.

  3. And some of the experiences that come our way might not even show up in a reading at all.

On that last point, does that mean readings are pointless? Of course not: They are like a roadmap for the year to come, showing you how to get from A to B.

Or, they can feel like a detailed weather forecast that shows you when to plant your seeds, when to expect the sun to come out, and how to plan for those rainy days.

But at the end of it all, how your year goes will be up to you to a certain extent.

Which is why I always encourage anyone who is getting a tarot reading to choose an intention for yourself. Even if it’s just one thing for the year, big or small.

It can be an external goal, like an accomplishment, or an internal one, like a state of being. For example: “I would like be happier this year.”

And then start to think about what you might to do reach that goal. If your goal is to experience more happiness, what would like that start to look like?

What would the first step be towards that feeling?

What is blocking your happiness currently? What might need to change, end, or expand in order to support this goal?

Readings are not just about predictions, which is why it’s important to catch ourselves when we’re thinking too often in terms of “if” or “when.” Sometimes, we need to switch to, “how” and “what.”

I’ve decided to a take a break from readings this time around and focus on my own planning for the year to come. But I do have a pre-recorded workshop available that teaches you how to do your own year-ahead readings using the Zodiac Tarot Spread.

If you want to read tarot for yourself, or add this spread to your repertoire for your clients, the class is now available and you can sign up for it here: Zodiac Tarot Spread

Until next time,

Liz xo


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