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learning tarot Feb 09, 2023

Since opening the doors to Tarot Study Hall, I’ve had a number of people reach out with questions about what it is, and – most importantly – whether it’s the right place for them to be. 

Tarot Study Hall is not another online course: It’s an ongoing immersion into the art of tarot reading. It’s a place where you’re able to implement what you’re learning about tarot. It’s a place to ask questions and find mentorship and guidance that will help you grow. 

One of my former students, Elle, first came to me for mentorship a few years ago. Elle was spending upwards of two hours a day studying tarot. She would binge every tarot podcast she could find and loved collecting tarot decks. 

But for all the time she was spending with her cards, she never felt like she was getting any further as a tarot reader. As a result, all those beautiful decks Elle was collecting felt like they were taunting her. “I feel so guilty that they’re sitting there, waiting to be used,” she admitted when we first met. 

Every time Elle read tarot for a friend, she would immediately doubt her first impressions of the cards and default to the card meanings she’d so carefully memorized instead. Why? Because she was afraid of being wrong. 

The same thing would happen when Elle was reading for herself. She couldn’t tell whether she was just seeing what she wanted to in the cards, or actually delineating the correct information. As a result, she would spiral into panic-driven Google searches, looking up every possible card meaning she could find in order to validate her own interpretations.

But after a couple of years of working together one on one, Elle started to realize those moments of panic were becoming few and far between. She was still putting time into her tarot studies, but it was quality study time, not frazzled and scattered across multiple sources. 

When she allowed herself to slow down, go deeper, and be honest about what she needed help with as a tarot reader, Elle began to see the change she wanted within herself. 

Recently, I reached out to her to ask how things were going. Happily, she told me she had been doing so many amazing tarot readings that her next goal was to start to charge a professional fee. 

What helped her get to this place? Elle’s openness, commitment, and willingness to show up for herself is what did it. She consistently asked questions – big or small – when she got stuck with her tarot readings. She showed up for our calls together with honesty and vulnerability. She trusted me when I said, “If you’re going to mistakes as a tarot reader, this is the perfect place to do it, because this is where you can learn from them.” 

She stayed aware of the ways in which she still needed and wanted to learn and took advantage of the help that was available to her through our mentorship. 

Working with readers like Elle has taught me that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to tarot reading, but so many tarot readers are ultimately aiming for the same goals: To have clear connections with their tarot cards; to trust in what they’re seeing in their cards; and to be able to give helpful, transformative tarot readings to themselves and others. 

If you can relate to Elle’s story, Tarot Study Hall is for you. Modelled after my private mentorship program, Tarot Study Hall offers a variety of pathways for you to grow as a tarot reader. As a member, you get access to monthly Q&A calls, live practice sessions, self-paced prompts, and more.

All of these activities are designed to give you the hands-on experience you need to start trusting yourself as a tarot reader. 

On top of our group calls and practices, you will also be treated to ongoing workshops, talks, and lectures on a range of topics that will help you expand as a tarot reader in all kinds of ways. 

Right now, Tarot Study Hall is accepting founding members. If you’d like to get in on the ground floor, I’d love to see you there.

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